Blogmas Challenge. Day 1 ; 5O THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY.

In our daily lives, we are tempted to lose sight of the things that really matter as we search for the things we believe we need.

Moments like these are the times we have to pause and reflect on what really matters. The Christmas season is the perfect time to reflect on your year and life and identify the things that mattered and show gratitude for them.

I have come to the realization that happiness really is about the little things of life and when you search deep within, you would see that you do not need so much to be happy.

My Blogmas Challenge number one is , 50 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY (in no particular order).
Let’s roll.

1.Bedtime moments with mom (the deep chats and the gossips).

Love you mom.

2. Understanding a scripture.

3. Sitting at the front seat of a “trosky”.(Commercial vehicle).

4. When people open up about their issues to me.

5. When I am able to help someone, especially with achieving a dream.

6. Hillsong music sung by EWCLIVE. (choir of Empowerment Worship Center).

7. Meaningful hugs.

8. A situation that gets me saying “this had to be God”.

9. Silly comments from
Monica Serwaa Dapaah (no one will ever suspect her fine self would say that).

10. Moments with Cindy Kwarteng Dadzie. (Priceless).

Girl, you dope!.

11. Random checkups by Eugenia Mac Andoh

12. A song by Jamie Grace (and everything about her).

13. A teaching or spoken word by Jackie hill Perry.

14. Writing random posts.

15. Blogging.

16. Living with my sis.

The big sissy.

17. Blue sky and the rainbow.

18. Hoops.

19. Words. (When I form sentences with them and speak them)

20. Books by Francine Rivers

21. Meeting a fellow weirdo

22. Renio’s memes, Stanley’s puns and Nesta’s write ups on Facebook.

23. Completing a book I loved.

24. My natural hair

25. Braiding and styling hair.

26. Creative people using their gifts.

27. A clean sparkling finish after cleaning a mess of a room

28. Vulnerability. (When I can be vulnerable to someone and vice versa).

29. A loved one smiling at me (especially when I am the reason for the smile)

30. Drinking water (serve it chilled).

31. Heels

32. Singing in the shower.

33. The moon ( How it sparkles. The moon phases, especially the full moon) and the twinkling little star that shines bright right beside it.

34. Running and bicycle rides.

35. Going to the beach at night.

36. Alone in my room

37. Killing people in my diary.

38. Dancing especially with my kid bro.

39. Pork

40. Diehuo (Tuo Zaafi aka TZ)

41. Deep conversations with strangers.

42. Achieving a goal.

43. When people share my writing or appreciate them.

44. Dressing up (When I am excited about where I am going).

45. Watching old pictures and videos

46. Songs by Lauren Daigel

47. Dance videos

48. Calls from my dad.

49. Karaoke

50. Fantasizing about my future husband.

Wow, 50 already. I guess I will do a hundred the next time. These were the ones that readily came to mind, actually.

I bless God for blessing me with the little things.

Don’t look too far to see.

Let’s meet tomorrow.

What are the things that make you happy? Can you relate with any of the aforementioned? Leave a comment.


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    1. Afiya

      Thanks Joseyhpina. Your challenges are dope too.

  1. Albert

    Francine Rivers is the best …I got to know her so late. I finished Mark Of The Lion 3 yesterday. I finished Book 2 in a day. I cried like a baby (don’t laugh) ..nice list! LMAO you silly..I want to see the kill list lool

    1. Afiya

      I am laughing hard. I cried when I read atonement child too ( you ain’t alone. She is the best!.
      The kill list is
      Thanks for reading.

      1. Albert

        Hahaha you are welcome. repent lool

        1. Afiya

          Hehe.i will when people stop messing with me.

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