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Blogmas day 12. Lessons on love.


I am tired of talking about love???. I guess I could say I am disappointed but I am doing the topics from last year so day 12 ,a.k.a day 2 from last year is, lesson on love.

I learnt this year that , love was not enough.

Love is a beautiful thing, love is precious when it’s between two hearts but love is not enough.

It takes patience, forgiveness, gracefulness, intentionality and a whole lot of virtue to make it work.

We were in love, our hearts tickled and beamed with joy and happiness. My dark cheeks blushed. My mind prepared for a future with with him. We were in love. We were too busy loving to work the work that comes with the feeling.

Love is beautiful but the feeling in itself is not enough. It takes efforts. It takes intentional calculated strides.

I know this is no news to you but this was a lesson I had to learn all over again this year. Love takes conscious efforts. Love is kind, love is patient, love is not self seeking, loving is forgiving, love is more than just love.

If I am to love again, which I hope and know will happen I would be mindful not to be to negligent on the fact that love is more than just being in love. I would remember that love is work.

So help me God.


Any lessons on love this year? Tell me about it.



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  1. Bosede

    Hey Afiya,

    Love? I learned the same thing too and more…
    Love is beyond feelings. It is an intentional decision to be loyal, true, understanding, forgiving and most importantly, loving someone does not mean you should be in a relationship with them…no matter who they were to you or no matter what history you shared with them. Some things are just left untouched, not so that you don’t get burned, but that there is something far greater and valuable than whatever you feel at that moment.

    1. Afiyasays

      love is beyond feeling, truest statement. Somethings are better left untouched, now that is a lesson. I am glad the year brought lessons for you with regards to love. God bless you for sharing always.

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