You are currently viewing Blogmas day 14. A letter to my future husband.
Blogmas day 14. A letter to my future husband.

Oh I don’t know what  my mood was last year or where I took my inspiration from but I was all over love. Anyway, it’s a good time to write to my future husband because I have not written to him in a long time.

Dear future husband,

I stopped writing letters to you. Mainly because Cindy would read my journals although she promises she wouldn’t but also because you became a fairy tale too good to be true. Sorry for being distant from you and keeping thoughts about you locked up, I just wanted to be reasonable and live in my now.

How have you been? How are you? How was 2019?

On days I was lonely, I missed you a lot. On days I wanted to be chatty, I missed you too badly. Lani is doing adulting at high speed and so now silly talks ready *really?* ain’t good for her season ?. Cindy is ever available but it feels like too much of a burden. Until you prove otherwise, you are the one I want to talk to most.

I have spent months thinking of how and who you will be as a husband. Would you be everything I ever wanted or will you be “ok”? Are you gonna be a spiritual head? I have fears about that but I would not want my husband in any other way. I pray you love God more than I do.

I miss you and I love you but I am not anticipating you. At least not in this season . When the time is right, we will be together. While I am away from you, I will try and be the best I can be for us. A friend said “it’s not what will be that will be but rather what we make happen will be”. I hope you are making the best of your life and opportunities and serving God diligently. I had a beautiful day today, hope you did too.

I love you, I can’t tell you how much. Till we meet again.

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