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Blogmas day 18. Word For The Year.

Dear Santa Clause,

It’s seven days to Christmas. I hope you show up for real this time. If you are bringing gifts, kindly wrap bundles of money. I hope that is not too much to ask. I have been a good girl this year too.

Yours sincerely,

Have you written a letter to Santa yet? You should try. Maybe tomorrow I will write a long letter to Santa. I guess it will be fun.

I saw a question as I read a worksheet and it said, “what is your word for the year 2020?” and it got me thinking.

I always say that God is a great author and story teller and he scripts my life story beautifully. I feel like 2020 is a sequel to my 2018 and 2019.

My word for 2018 will be “DISCOVERY” for in that year, I got in tune with who I was. It was the year I discovered a lot of things I was truly passionate about, hair,mental health, etc and got to know some potentials I had.

2019 was themed “KNOWING”. After discovering, I needed to know and learn about the things I had discovered. This year shaped my perspective on a lot of things, had me questioning a lot and made me do a lot of searching within.

2020 is going to be my year of “BEING”. On my birthday, as I thought about what I wanted for the new year, all that came to mind was “BE”, and it’s making perfect sense today.

I am going to tell you more about it and what I plan for it to be like, of course with Jesus leading (so not my will but his). It’s looking like a really packed year already and I am praying for grace to be able to do and to “BE” who I ought to be.

If I should ask you what your word for 2020 will be, what will it be?

your girl,


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