You are currently viewing Blogmas day 19. I Love My Dad. Here Is Why.
Blogmas day 19. I Love My Dad. Here Is Why.

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. If you have been following my blog for a while, you might have read the piece I spoke about my childhood and how messed up it was. I don’t have much memory of my childhood and I don’t remember my dad’s presence then. I get some flash backs sometimes when I consciously try to remember him.
I remember him buckling my shoe at our front gate of our former house. I remember him taking us shoe shopping at a place called Morocco in Kumasi and I vividly recall the shoe I chose. It was this glittery -Micheal Jackson kind of canvas and I used it for a long while.

Memory of my father without struggle is pretty recent and I can date back to the day in his room before my BECE exam. That was the first time I spoke to my dad, like really spoke to him and that was the first time I remember hugging my dad. To mark his birthday, I am reminding myself why I love my dad.

1. I love my dad because he is intentional.

I moved to Accra in 2018. My dad helped my with my luggage, made sure I had packed every essential thing I would need, drove me to the bus station and stayed till the bus moved. He called every hour till my sister confirmed she had picked me up. That should have been the end of the story but my dad calls me at least twice every single week with the sole reason of checking up. I would pardon him if for a week he assumes I am ok but no, this man will call just to make sure. We aren’t the closest but I appreciate his conscious efforts to draw me in as a daughter and I don’t take it for granted, even for a minute. I love him that he makes me feel loved.

2. I love my dad because he supports me.

My dad does “the talk” with me. As awkward as it normally is, he sits me down and asks me, “what next?” “What is the plan?” Those are scary moments because once you tell him, they become his to do list. I told him I wanted to be a nurse and he started researching and asking questions even before I started my secondary education. He made sure I got into the nursing school and supported me each step of the way. I told him I wanted to be a military nurse and he has made it a duty to be reminding me of my dreams and aspirations. His support isn’t void of reprimanding or chastising but he does it with love.

3. I love my dad because he is proud of me.

I grew up with a lot of people not wanting to associate with me but not for once did my father deny me. The way he introduced me always made me feel so special and so loved. I could literally see the pride in his eyes anytime he gestured towards me “Oh yeah, that is my daughter”.

4. I love my dad because he is a God-fearing man.

If I am thankful for anything, it would be the fact that my dad knew Christ and chose to bring us up in the fear of the Lord. I cannot begin to imagine my life without Christ and I have my dad to thank for introducing us to Christianity.

5. I love my dad because he is selfless.

In the way he loves and in the way he gives, my dad is so selfless. There have been instances he would not eat until we have eaten. There have been days he had made decisions that would favor us even at his loss. There have been times he spent days by my sick bed when he could have done something profitable with his time. He has been a good father.

I could go on and on. I truly love this man and I would not trade him for another. In many ways I am like him and my mother usually teases me with that fact.

He is trying but I just cannot become the daddy’s girl but if he ever gets to read this, I wish he gets to know just how much I love him.

I could rationalize the fact that you come to put off our room light every evening with the fact that you want to conserve electricity but you putting back the covers (sheets) that have fallen off our sleeping bodies and positioning us well, that is love. That is why I would call you the good father.
I cherish every moment you have shared your heart with me, I can’t begin to tell you how much they mean to me.

Thank you everyday.

I have a model of what a good husband should look like. Thank you for loving mom the way you do and thank you for being the strictest yet friendliest father ever. I pray to God I am able to make you proud. Happy birthday dad. We love you and wish you well.


Your Beloved,




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