Blogmas day 5.-

I am supposed to do blogmas day 5 but I literally just got home. I have been up and about the whole day. I went to do some Christmas shopping for myself, I wanted to do the little things for me before I get consumed with putting gifts together for others or getting said that I did not have anything for Christmas.

This is the highlight of my day. I had the end of year Christmas party with my girls and it was beautiful….

So yeah. That is how my day went. Back to blogmas day 5, I am to write about my Christmas wishlist. I feel I don’t have the moral right to ask for anything this Christmas because you all were so generous during my birthday but if I were to put a wishlist out, I would ask for these;

1. A phone. Any phone with very good camera quality and a big space will be greatly appreciated. (iPhone is almost non-negotiable. ?)

2. Travel. A fully paid trip/vacation anywhere either outside of Ghana or internally in Ghana.

3. A camera. I love making videos a lot… They make me so happy and I wish I had a camera so I could always.

4. Lots of friends and hugs and parties.

I really can’t think of much but when I come up with any, I will come and update y’all.

Christmas will be great… I can feel it and I am here for all of it.



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