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Blogmas day 9. A day in my life.

Hey fam, good evening.
Today has been quite full but I didn’t want to miss blogmas so I am sharing my today with y’all.

I have not watched a lot of movies this Christmas as I planned to but I have watched a few, and “Men in black 2019″ stands out for me.

In the movie, Agent T said “Always remember the universe has a way of leading you to where you are supposed to be at the moment you are supposed to be there”. Agent H replied “well it may be wrong sometimes”.

I loved the response Agent H gave because I sided with him most.

Recounting today, I think Agent T’s words can be considered true for a minute.

I was very late today for work and I did not have an excuse for it. I had a call from work telling me about a change in my schedule. I was going to fight them that they did not inform me of the changes but I texted a friend of mine to check up on her before getting to work. I got to know she had been attacked together with her friends and were at a hospital receiving treatment.

I didn’t have what was required of me to work in the unit I was supposed to be at today so it was very easy for me to ask for a day off so I work the shift later.

I was able to go to my friends to assist them and I am so glad I was there today. I guess the universe knew I had to be there today and made things go the way they did.
I am glad I was able to help friends in need. It’s been a fulfilling day.

How was your today? Tell me about it. Did the universe place you somewhere too?

It’s me again,

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