You are currently viewing Blogmas Day 2- IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR HIM OR HER

The countdown is on and I am hyped for this.

I really really wanted to give out gifts this year but I have been struggling to find the right gifts to give.

For the sake of blogmas, I thought of things I would like to get as gifts and made a list of it. Hopefully it will help you as a guide to what gifts to get if you have intentions of gifting anyone this Christmas.

I kind of grouped them into men and women but it can work for anyone. Also you have to be intentional about the gifts you give to people. Make sure you know the person to some extent and know what has the likelihood of making them happy.

P.s: this is low key my wishlist?.

Christmas gifts for Him

  1. Socks (I know men love their socks)
  2. Shoes (Birkenstock’s, vans, etc)
  3.  Perfume (you better go all out on this and get him the best)
  4.  Massage (spa) gift card (just cos boys abr3)
  5. Paid concert tickets
  6. Customized stuff (necklace, phone case, etc)
  7. Printed portrait /painting
  8. Travel backpack
  9.  Watches (Apple Watch or fashion watch)
  10. Journals
  11.  Write him a letter
  12. Christmas cards
  13. Wallet
  14. Workout gear
  15. Buy his favorite tech device

Christmas gifts for Her.

  1. Dinner date
  2.  Fully paid trip (it can be anywhere, even in Ghana)
  3. Hoodies (customized)
  4. Netflix membership (it could be for a guy too. It’s only men are a bit thoughtful with these stuff than women are)
  5. Shoes
  6. Clothes
  7. Perfume
  8. Gift vouchers
  9. Money!!!!!!! (Just Momo, you know?)
  10. Customized gifts, jewelry, etc
  11. Makeup kit
  12. Skincare products
  13. Notebooks, diaries, planners, stickers (if the person likes to be organized)
  14. Merchandise for their brands if they have a business
  15. Cooking devices
  16.  Workout gears
  17. Photo album made by you.
  18.  Write a letter.
  19. Books books books.
  20. Shopping voucher.

Any other thoughtful thing you think will be needed, especially for the new year. Hampers should be like a constant. Drinks too.

For diys, you can make an appreciation jar or a jar containing things you love about him or her.

What would be the perfect gift you would want or you would give someone?

Leave a comment below.

Happy Christmas

with love,


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  1. Emma

    I would love to have Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet as my Christmas gift.
    But wait o, the list why are the ladies’ more than the guys’ ?

    1. Afiyasays

      Because we are ladies la. At least I am?. I don’t know what is but I pray someone surprises you.

  2. Bra Joe

    I’d want a shoe and a nice shirt and a pair of trousers
    And also a new laptop for my work

    1. Afiyasays

      Friends of Bra Joe,hear our humble cry?. I pray your wishes gets granted.

  3. Vanessa D

    You already know the ladies deserve more options for gifts! ??this list is IT! ✌

    1. Afiyasays

      We do!!! I pray you get the best gifts?

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