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This might pass as one of the most eventful weekends of my life and to think that I was not even the one getting married. I hope y’all remember my friend Monica? So, Aunty decided she wants to get married and not waste anymore time being without a husband. As usual, it was not her wedding but ours, the marriage was hers but the wedding, we were getting married!!!!

I mean I had plans for the wedding even more than herself, and I was shameless about it. Before I got too excited something came up and ruined everything. I could not be as involved as I wanted and the worse part was I had to miss the wedding. I could not believe I was going to miss the wedding I have been looking forward to the whole time. It broke me and I Iost every joy I had. I was still happy and grateful my baby girl had gotten a great husband but to think I was going to miss it. I still helped in ways I could but stayed low so my heartache will not be too much when the day comes.

As the day approached, I got uneasy and I knew I was going to resent myself for a along while if I missed her wedding. I got up one day and decided, I won’t miss this! I cancelled what needed to be and did all that was necessary and heaven’s made a way…. I made it and it was so surreal.

I saw Monica and my heart was so content that I didn’t share her day through videos but in person. I saw all the heartfelt and joy smiles with my own eyes.

I don’t have words now. I am also too tired to get creative about it but just know that I was present at my friend’s wedding and thankful to God I was able to share her joy.

I am looking forward to how our friendship will be. All my married friends have been guys and it’s hard work maintaining a relationship. I am almost dreadful but keenly anticipating what the new era holds.

I will get back with a full write or might make a YouTube video about it. For now enjoy their wedding trailer.


A grateful friend,




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