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I am still falling in love with social media. I feel the struggle for me has been because I have not been able to identify how to make it work for me hence I struggle with it’s relevance. While I struggle with the whole social media thing, a couple of people out there make me want to be on social media just so that I get to see them. Here are a few of the ones I follow and what I like about them.


Jackie Hill Perry.

Jackie Hill Perry is Christian writer, a mother, a teacher, a poet, and a wife among other things. She is known for being an ex lesbian who stopped being a lesbian because she encountered God. I love her for her sense of humor. Also I love how truthful and practical she is. I love how she writes and I aspire to understand God like she does one day. She practically allows us to live her life with her on social media and although it’s only a curated aspect, its still feels real. I get to live life through someone else’s lens. You should follow her, she is full of wisdom.



Pastor Micheal Todd

Pastor Mike is one of the best pastors of our time for me. I love how he speaks the truth of the word of God. He talks about God and repentance and salvation and speaks about God in a way that makes you want to have a relationship with God. Also, I love that he shows us his life outside the church, he being a father and a husband. True or not, what we see can be a model of what a good husband and father should be like and I am grateful for that.



The Oddity.


Her name is Sofi and her brand is the Oddity. She is a young girl living her truth. I love how she is intentional about her happiness. She is eye candy. A little girl evolving into a beautiful girl. I love being a part of the her journey.




Dr Carol Mathias is a psychologist who serves you with daily dose of mental health information. Anything on mental health, she definitely is a go to. I like how she supports others and how she makes everything relatable. She shares her personal struggles so we know that whatever we are struggling with is valid and that we are not alone.

These are my favorite social media pages… Tell me yours.

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