SHOW YOU SOME LOVE. – Blogmas day 10

If I asked you to do something which you have meant to do for yourself, what would you have done? How often do we stop to think about the little things we can do for ourselves either for health, entertainment, or just a random act of self-love.

I set out to do the littlest things I could for myself today.

I cooked. That wasn’t so much for myself because I am hosting a couple of people and whether I liked or not, I had to provide food. I made sure however that I cooked something that I wanted to eat. I don’t get to cook as much now so my heart was content and glad to see my plate full with rice and plantain and of course, chicken (nothing special about it, I just love it).

I did a movie date kinda thing with myself because it’s been a while I stopped to watch a movie. I love the way you get lost in their world for the period you spend watching the movie. Magical, absolutely magical.

And!!!! Your girl got her nails did! My hand is all over my face like, “you better see me man.” I missed having my nails fixed and how bougie it made you feel.

The girl is feeling good ?

Spoke to some loved ones, sang with my mom, and went back to watching a movie. If you are curious, I am watching Tenet. I and Lovebridge waited forever for this movie. I finally have it and I am not halfway through but I have restarted like 4 times already. It’s going to be a long night.

It’s been a pretty chill day. I wish I could live like this everyday but life thing is no joke. I will however try and stop as often as possible so I catch my breath and relax.

If you were to do something for yourself today, what would you have done?

Your bougie babe,


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  1. Stanley Makafui

    If I could, I would take myself on a mini vac again, like always.
    Well, the numerous-false-restarts thing about Tenet, you’re not alone.
    For now, it’s “Complete Strangers” that I’m watching.
    And oh, did I forget to say Bhurbx brought me here?

    1. Afiyasays

      Yo Bhurbx, you won a soul for the kingdom!!! Your reward is on Ashaley Botwe?.
      Stanley, please show me your ways, this mini vac things seems like something I will love to do.
      ???Christopher Nolan is just something else. I will take the mention as a recommendation and go find ”complete strangers ” to watch.
      Thank you so much for reading and leaving a complete… Be proud, you made me smile today ?

  2. bhurbx degley

    I’d have been at your house today lol.
    You sure had a good day b❤
    Proud of you ❤✌

    1. Afiyasays

      I had a great day! Thanks for letting me do this, it felt so good. Thank you.

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