You are currently viewing Valentine’s Day. Finding love as a single.
Valentine’s Day. Finding love as a single.

14th February 2020. I am excited to see this day. Happy Valentine’s Day love, I made it to this day and I woke up the happiest girl on earth.Basking in love. Valentine’s Day found me well.

I don’t know if there is a human being that gets excited about love as much as I do and I am honestly not ready to know, except you are telling me that other person is my husband, lol.
Last year’s Valentine’s day  did not find me in a good space. The girl was angry about not having a romantic love going on for me, I felt lonely and it was just annoying having to witness everyone profess their love or confidently be indifferent about it.

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.

Nothing really changed, I am still the same old single soul still hoping and praying that love will happen soon and sweep me off my feet. While I wait I decided not to be wrenched about it but find happiness even in the face of the ”stormy” reminder that I am single.

I love how just being conscious of my thought pattern changed the game for me. It’s been a struggle but I found joy, one I did not even know existed in my single season as I wait for love.

Don’t get me wrong, my desires to be with someone did not vanish. It’s one fantasy I don’t want to give up yet.  This girl is not giving up on love. I know it will happen and I desire it strongly. While I wait, however, I just chose not to be miserable about it.

I think I got to this space because I allowed myself to trust God even for this that seemingly looks and feels like a mere fantasy. I am trusting that in his time, he will make all things beautiful and give a man that deserves me.

The joy of getting to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day.

Love is a big deal for me, I mean God is love.

How am I applying God’s love as a single this year and especially on Valentine’s Day.

1. I am allowing him to love me how he wants to.

Most of the time our idea of love gets corrupted and we try to dictate how we want God to love us. I am learning to trust that he knows what I need including how I should be loved.

2. I am learning to accept love.

God sends love my way each day through the people I meet and other mediums. I am learning to accept love in whichever form God allows my way.

3. I am learning to recognize and be conscious of love.

Until you decide to see, you will not notice anything. I have taken the conscious decision to see God and recognize his love. It’s so beautiful and fulfilling to know just how much I am loved by the almighty.

4. I am learning to love myself.

If God loves me, who am I not to love myself? I am learning to offer the love I can to myself as much as possible.

The wait is hard, but as I wait I am choosing to bask in his love and be grateful.

So I am single but not lonely. I am loved.

Today is going to be one hell of fun. Work will not allow me to be great so I have decided to add next weekend to my love week celebration.

Love is everywhere, when you look you will see it and when you seek, you will find it. While you wait, be patient because, before everything, love is patient.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Tell me how you are going about today.

Love you,


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