Writer, Mental Health Advocate.

She is a writer, She writes about her journey through life, the good, the bad and the ugly with the hope that others will read and be inspired and be motivated to do better. She has written a couple of articles and with some published in a health magazine. She is harnessing her potentials and spoken word is a passion she would love to pursue soon, stay tuned.

She a mental health advocate. She speaks for that person who is dealing with depression, anxiety, trust issues, insecurity, low self-esteem, etc. It’s for that person who has hit rock bottom in life and doesn’t know how to get up. She seeks to give you hope. She seeks to be that hand that would pat your shoulder and let you know It is okay. She educates and creates awareness on mental health through writing and outreaches.

She is a lover. Loves the moon, loves to dance and loves people. Her life experiences and her encounter with Christ compelled her to resort to writing as a means of propagating the goodness of God as well as reaching out to people like her who suffer in silence.
She likes to read, make new friends, grow old friendships and make meaningful conversations. The beach at night is her ideal place to be any day and every time.

She is Me, I am she.

Hi, my name is Afiya Agyemang and I  would be very glad to engage your audience always and thrill you with educative articles on mental health as well as fun stuff from her life experiences. Kindly subscribe to join the family,  comment, like and share.