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Contrary to the norm where humans are put up for rent because the one renting out is tired of them, I am renting my mother out because she is the best thing to ever happen to me and I want to share her with the world.

My earliest and fondest memory of my mom dates to when I was 7- 8 years old. It wasn’t so pleasant when it happened but now, I always go back to that. My big sister was very active at church then. Always going for a rehearsal of some sort and my big brother was involved in football or something, I don’t readily recall. Whatever they were involved in made them leave the house often and I remember always crying that I want to go with them. I had no idea why they didn’t want to go with me, I just wanted to be out of the house like they were. I would cry from the time they step out till the time they come back. It broke mom’s heart that I would lament like that every day so she came up with a plan. Each time they go out without me, I get a ticket to ask for whatever I want, and I will get it the next day when she returned from work. My young mind was beyond elated when my siblings went out without me and I would refuse even when they offered to take me because mama was going to bring me goodies the next day. This was the best moment of my childhood. That is where the bond between my mom and I began. Unfortunately, I tempered that relationship with a lie I told, and it took a whole lot to get half of it back.

I learned a lot of lessons from that single incident and even now, I can’t bring myself to lie. I saw the hurt in my mother’s eye when she learned I didn’t tell the truth. That incident thought me the value of trust and how important yet fragile it is. We lost the bond we shared, and I watched her fight every day to get us back to where we used to be later in my adolescence. For two years straight, my mother made sure that she came into my room each night when she came back from work, told me about her day, and asked about mine. As if all the time she spent by my hospital bed was not enough. With time, I waited eagerly for her to return so I could tell her things that happened. If you did anything to me, be rest assured that my mom will know by the next morning.

She was by my bedside when I fell into depression. I remember when she encouraged me to give what I am feeling a name. As spiritual as she is, she didn’t rebuke the devil out of me when I became suicidal, (at least not to my face.). She asked me how she could help, when she had no words, she joined me to cry. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a human as a mother.

I love my mother for so many reasons because she prays for me, provides for me, etc but most importantly because she is my friend. It is one thing to have a mother and it’s another to have a friend in her.

Love you to the moon and back.

On this day, all I can say is thank you. Thank you to God for giving me such a gift as a mother and thank you to my mother for being such an intentional being. It’s the hearty smiles for me, it’s the many jokes we share and most importantly how we talk about God and our faith.

I pray and hope that I am half the mother you are or a half more than you are, either ways, I hope my kids experiences motherhood like I have with you.

This was us way too many times???. PC: @onje_photography, @freedom____official.

I declare in the name of Jesus that you are blessed beyond curse. I declare that you are blessed among women. You mother, will live long and enjoy the fruit of your labour. I declare that your labour shall not be in vain. May the almighty God protect and guide you wherever you are. Thank you for being you.

There, product description given. With the above, I declare my mother the best candidate if you are in search for a mother. I promise I am not selfish; I will share her. Just be ready to pay for the time I will lose with her because of you (although that will not happen. She mothers her five kids so well and go looking for others. I don’t know how she does it.). her bedtime stories are to live for, spoiler, they are about her childhood. Send me an email and let’s negotiate.

I love you mommy, and I won’t trade you for anybody else. Happy Mother’s Day

The girl loved by an awesome mother,


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