I Finally Found My Role Model. It’s Adele,

And I Can Explain. Yes, the Adele you know.

The first time I said that out loud to myself, I laughed so much and so loud because she was the last person I imagined myself getting inspiration. If you don’t know Adele, you might as well search for heartbreak songs and her songs will appear. She is a singer and songwriter.

That is her. For those who need a face to the name.

I had seen tweets about her some time ago. They were talking about how they couldn’t wait for her to get a heartbreak so they could have a new song from her. It was funny that anyone would be waiting for someone to get a heartbreak. I asked myself, “does it take a heartbreak for Adele to be able to sing” Surely not. I believe a creative can create regardless. She only has to put her mind to it.”

A few years after that, I got a notification on Instagram from Vogue magazine, She was finally ready to release a new album. Your guess is right, it was after a breakup. “Oh, this woman too?” I felt betrayed even. Like, of all the things that happened in her life, she had to wait for another heart-breaking event to be able to make music?

I was like Adele why? WHY!!!!!!!

The first single came out. I was listening with my friend and I was registering my displeasure about her whole approach to music. I know, who the hell do I think I am, hehe. My friend said something that struck me. He said, “but you know that inspiration and muse mean different things to different people. Some people can never get inspired by something good. They may enjoy it, but it doesn’t give them any creative juices.

Maybe Adele is one of the many people who have heartbreak as a form of inspiration.” As it slowly registered in my head, I added In a whisper, “and she is one of the brave ones, to be honest about it.”

I started wondering about the conversations she had with herself before putting out this masterpiece the world is consuming now. As I thought about her, numerous things came into my mind that I consider lessons worth having. That is why I have decided Adele is going to be my role model in the creative space. Not because I love her songs or her lifestyle choices. I want to remember the lessons when I remember her. They are simple but life-changing for me.

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Lessons learnt from Adele.

  1. She is consistent.

Many times when we think about consistency we think about frequency but with Adele, her consistency has been with who she is and what makes her who she is. It is being consistent with her muse. I think it’s beautiful that people know that as soon as Adele has a heartbreak, a new song is dropping. weird but beautiful.

I have learnt from her that consistency doesn’t only have to deal with frequency, it could be consistency in patterns, in quality, in delivery even and simply in being who you are. My friend said, ” one thing I love about Adele songs are how easy they are to sing along.” Another thing she has been consistent with. “Go Eaaasssssyyyy on me, baby”, say this and just like that you are jamming to her song.

Adele in the making. I see you!

2. She shows up regardless.

The whole world knows that Adele comes out only after a heartbreak. I stopped blogging myself because I began to feel like my blog was becoming a gloomy place. The fact that somehow all I had to share was sad news didn’t seem right. So even though I promised to share the good, the bad and the ugly, I stopped sharing because the good I wanted to share never came.

I am learning from Adele that it’s ok if all you have to share is your bad news. Show up! It might be all someone consuming your work needs. I admire her for how she shows up and own her business (I wanted to say “and she owns her sh*t.” but you get it right.)

3. She is ok with being different.

I don’t know her internal struggles or how she deals with them, but I know she shows up different. Her craft is unique. Even her accent too. She is different and has stuck with it all these years. I wish I dared to be as confident with just being me.

4. She is good with what she does.

Her personality and everything aside (these factors are contributing factors to her success, in my opinion), she is a good songwriter and singer. She knows her craft. I bet it took her years. She sure has mastered her work well. I am encouraged to strive to get invested in my craft and be good with it.

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I hope these lessons resonate with you.

Feel free to share with me why you chose your role model, who they are and the lessons you have learnt from them.

Till next time,


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