Some days are great , other days are bad, others are a mixture of both. Day 14 came with a lot of things to be angry about and also a lot of things to be happy about.

I got yet another human reminding me of how human human beings can be and how wicked and inconsiderate their hearts can be. It always surprises me that people are able to be wicked when they are still human, like, don’t they feel anything? I know you are waiting for me to tell you what happened but I don’t think it will be appropriate to talk about it now, maybe later. That is about the bitter part of my day.

On a happy note, I spent the day with a friend and I am grateful that he was there yesterday. To an extent he kept me from messing up or fighting yesterday. God bless friends who make you see reason. We went shopping, for him first then for me. It was a lovely experience, trying out the cloths and choosing ones you love. I had an amazing time in the fitting room, modeling ,twerking (the kind you do as a happy dance) and all the fun I could have.

Got back home feeling a lot better and so energized, it brought a hunger water couldn’t satisfy. It was late so I didn’t want to eat because I am getting a pot belly and December body no has being messed up (December body no, ashe!!!) but the hunger was a resounding one.


Generally, it was a good day.

How was your day? Tell me about it?

your girl,


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  1. bhurbx degley

    I have this friend who says he wants to be like me when he grows up and then i will smack his head, little does he know i also want to be like Afiya when i grow up.

    My day was sweet yet invisible?.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Afiyasays

      Let it be made known to the world, on this day, I arrived!!!

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