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Blogmas day 11. Happiest moments of 2019

For day 11 aka, day 1 of last year’s blogmas, I wrote about 50things that makes me happy.

I am very sure I can’t make out 50things that make me happy without repeating stuff I wrote in that one.

I guess I will narrow it down to what has made me happy most this year. 5 should great, I will leave the 0 for you.

1. When I passed my license exam.

I can’t tell exactly how happy I was when I took the results slip and I had passed all subjects. I hated that I had to take a whole bus trip from Accra to Kumasi just for my results but throwing back, it was worth the memory. I had Art speaking to me throughout the journey and the most priceless art of kindness was shown to me on that day by Art. Thank Jesus!!!

2. When I joined the spoken word team for Iscream.

Iscream is a talent event held by the Empowerment Worship Center to bring together different acts in worship and praise to God. I was privileged to be a part of the spoken word team. The main day was not the deal for me, I was tired and lost my voice and all… My happy moments are from the late nights we spent rehearsing our lines and how we supported each other and the bond and love we shared. For a minute I thought of myself as Jackie Hill who is on tour with her fellow artist on PIA tour. For the few days we fellowshiped, I was happy.


3. When I spent a day with a dear friend.

On the 4th of January, I had a day date with a friend. It was one of the  happiest days of my life. We shared our dreams, he told me his and I did mine. A lot of laughter,a lot of lessons and it was what I hoped to be the beginning of genuine friendship. For five months the only convos we have had are exchanges of “hi’s” and “how are you’s”. It’s painful to know that things will never be the same but I will forever hold the memory of that day dear.


4. Every time I have received a compliment for braiding my hair.

I made a decision to braid and fix my hair myself throughout the year. I could not fully follow the plan but I did quite well if I should rate myself. I loved every moment I braided my hair and I was proud but I was happier when someone who did not know I did it myself gave a compliment. My happy moments, braiding my hair.

5. When I met Art.

Art, the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice. I chose to call him Art because he was skillful.

His ability to make my heart beat in a multiplied rate was extraordinary. I called him Art because he was beautiful. As hard as my heart had become towards love, it did not take a week for me to start planning the future with him. What I felt for him was beautiful, nothing like I have ever felt and I will forever be happy that I got to experience it. Oh, it ended in tears by the way?. Some things are not just meant to be but Art, Art is a beautiful human.

What has been your happiest moments this year? Care to share?

With love,

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  1. Bosede

    Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us. There are moments that will be forever seared into our memory…

    There were many memorable but my top were:

    ^ When I became one of the volunteers for this year’s African Human Rights Moot Competition. I had the opportunity to serve and also meet so many great legal minds across Africa and made new friendships that I believe were nothing short of a divine plan.
    ^ Completing my book “Stolen paradise” and starting its sequel, “Stolen Paradise: Perfection.”

    ^ Family Fellowship fun day we had at church last weekend…it was pouring heavily and it seems the day and its plans would flop but it all turned out absolutely wonderful, fun and joyous…all thanks to Jesus.

    1. Afiyasays

      Someone had one swell time for a year. I am glad you have memories to look back to this year.

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