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He Prepares His Called.

When God calls you, he prepares you for an appointed time.

There would come a day when you can not run when everyone else is running. A time when you would have to stand, when  you would have to say a prayer and fight.

On that day, not so many people will matter, only those whose destiny lies in your hands.

I got to know about the outbreak of fire in Australia pretty late most likely because I had been offline for a while. When I heard of it I decided to learn more about it. My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone or essentially something dear to their hearts. As I read the news and watched the videos, each of them gave reports of how the firefighters were fighting the fires while the government tried to get its citizens to safety. In one of the articles I read, one of the firefighters said, it was impossible to stop the fires and that they could only move it around and hopefully prevent it from causing greater harm. Every second a news coverage came out about the fires, words of the firefighters and how they were succeeding were the most crucial.

It got me thinking. One day, we would not be able to run away from what everyone else is running away from. One day, it will be our turn to stand and fight. On that day, we will be the ones who matter most because the change we will seek will depend on us.

Just a few years ago, the firefighters in Australia weren’t the very thing the nation needed most. I can imagine a recruit of the firefighters at the time all was calm and I imagine him having to train in preparation for a fire he has never seen before. I imagine he had to work hard, isolated from family and subjecting his body to painful training just to get in shape, all for a day that might never come.

We may not see it but God is preparing us and it is necessary. The pruning, the separation, they have to happen because your assignment will not allow everyone you wish to have around to be around. If it’s getting lonely, know that it’s for a reason. Whatever it may be, focus on the season you are being prepared for.

A day will come that you would have to stand alone and fight and you will be ready because God coached you and he did it well.



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  1. Bosede Luyomi

    Another powerful message Afiya. It is so concise and precise. It is perfectly written and speaks the heart of God for His children. This one like many others you have written speaks to me and I am grateful for that.

    The more we see everything we go through in light of eternity and a future that is yet to manifest, the more we would be more God conscious and worry less about it. Everything happens for a reason and no matter how “weird” we might seem to others, we must keep our eyes focused on God for we are His ambassadors and fellow workers with Him. What you have right now that seems useless, will become invaluable in the near future. Praise God!!!

    1. Afiyasays

      Hallelujah. Preach it girl!

      Thank for the feed back and I am thankful you are impacted. More grace in all your endeavors. Thanks for reading.

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