PERSON I MET. Blogmas day 3

“Your friendship means the world to me. Just wanted to let you know.” — Unknown

I repeatedly say that God shows me just how much he loves me and is intentional about me mostly by the people he sends my way.

This year, I have been privileged to meet quite a number of amazing people. I want to believe the whole pandemic and lockdown made people humble and more welcoming to friendship. Loneliness is not a factor for me but it was a major reason why some people allowed certain friendships.

I am thankful for all the people I met, Nadia, Joyce Seeci, Nadia from grotto, Akosah, and a long list of them but a lovely soul named Lovebridge stands tall among them all most probably because he was the first I met among them.

Mr Lovebridge Gaikpah

I met lovebridge on the 6th of March on my way to a friend’s movie night hangout. He was with some friends and they offered a lift. The adventurous soul in me jumped into a car with three men (I was so hyper that day). We exchanged numbers but we did not contact until we saw each other again randomly and that was the beginning of our friendship. His name was a mouthful but I recalled it was one that had a bridge lingering somewhere.

I have a lot of things to say about him not sure it will fit in one blog post so I will just talk about why I love him. Since it’s 2020, let’s do 20 reasons why I love him.

  1. I love him because he calls me smart.I love him because he hates shorthand.
  2. I love him because he is truthful. (on occasions he has to lie, he does it so convincingly.)
  3. I love him because when necessary, he allows himself to be vulnerable.
  4. I love him because he respects and upholds boundaries.
  5. I love him because he gives great advice.
  6. I love him because he cares.
  7. I love him because he will never allow you to give up.
  8. I love him because he is so so positive.
  9. I love him because his ideologies are challenging and thought-provoking.
  10. I love him because he buys me KFC and snickers.
  11. I love him because he has been so intentional about our friendship.
  12. I love him because he is so intelligent and has a great command of English.
  13. I love him because he made me fall in love with movies. Even those from the 1980s.
  14. I love him because he allows me to be who I am.
  15. I love him because he is responsible ( surprisingly! At a glance, he doesn’t look it, and that is what makes it wondrous).
  16. I love him because he agreed to work on his potbelly (although he is adding on instead of reducing)
  17. I love him because he encourages me.
  18. I love him because he is my Penzi (coded).
  19. I love him because for all the times I have been down this year, he has been present.

Dear Lovebridge,

I don’t know how the future looks for us but I am convinced beyond doubt that there will come a time, probably sooner than I am anticipating that I won’t see you or hear from you as much. Just know that I will love you then as much as I love you now. You have been an amazing friend and I appreciate you very much. You are a blessing I did not see coming.

Thank you for all the days you didn’t know what to say but showed up and sat silently. Thank you for enduring all the trouble you had to go through because of me. Thank you for caring for this young lady.

This year, when I count my blessings, I will count you twice.

Who did you meet this year that is worth mentioning? leave a comment.

Cute but unfortunately taken, ladies close your eyes?

Your friend forever,

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  1. Dani

    Wow, have been following through the links you sent me and I’m enjoying every bit of it!

    The last part got me tho, taken so close ya eyes! ?

    1. Afiyasays

      Glad you are enjoying it. Yes oo, they should close their eyes.
      Thanks for reading?

  2. Afiyasays

    Yes sweet read, thanks to the amazing things you write, I know exactly what you mean. Thank you, I am blushing hard! I wish for you a lot of wonderful new friendships on the coming year.
    It’s almost inevitable but we live to see. Your analogy is making me dread it more now?. I imagined the whole procedure and I am screaming and crying in my head… I pray it’s not that bad.
    Thank you for reading and I am enjoying doing this blogmas with you.

  3. bhurbx degley

    This is actually a sweet read. Lol
    Sweet read? I swear im short of words in my head.
    Personally didnt meet anybody worth mentioning but I’m happy with you for lovebridge.
    Your letter tho?✌. Sad. Hoping he doesnt varnish because such people when they varnish it’s very painful. It’s like getting stitched without anesthesia. Imagine that.

    Thank you for sharing, good health?.

    1. Nadia Amoateng

      Afiyaaaa! Thanks for fixing my comment section.
      I loved this and I’m so glad you met this wonderful person. I hope your friendship endures.

      I myself met some amazing people this year you included. However the one that made the most difference was this person who was first a friend and then a lover and now we dont talk. Lol, but I wouldn’t change anything. He made my year.

      1. Afiyasays

        I am glad it got fixed…. Now I really want to know more about your person. I am glad memories of him are worth recounting even though you drifted. I hope you find one that stays forever.
        Thanks for reading!

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