A Letter To My 18-year-old Self


Hey love

It’s me, Old you.

I see you.
Today you are dressed in your favorite dress and you run to church so fast hoping your friends would tell you how beautiful you are looking.

I see how broken you are just because they failed to tell you the words you desperately needed to hear, ”YOU ARE LOOKING BEAUTIFUL”. They did not need to say you ”ARE” beautiful. Seeming and looking like it was enough.

I see you.
Ugly, that is your mantra of self.
I see you claim it with passion.
I see the terror in your eyes anytime you sit in front of a mirror.
Your biggest fear, seeing that coal-black face with those huge teeth
and that gap that could be a garage for a car.

I see you.
I see how beautiful your heart is and how you just want to love. I see though how your desire is clouded by your need to be accepted.
You desire love and anything that bears that name spark the light in your eyes even when you knew you deserved better.
I see how broken you are and just how much you want to be loved.

See, when God said to love your neighbor as yourself, he knew that we needed to have before we could give.
He knew our cup needed to be full before it could overflow.
When God created you, he looked at you and said, THIS IS GOOD. This, including your body, your face and everything about you.

Dear me,
I see you, oh how I wish you could see just how dope you are gonna turn out. This letter is from the most beautiful woman to you. You can’t see it now but, best believe!

You have the power to write your own narrative and what people say does not hold.
You are unique and everything about you is your weapon in your pursuit of purpose.
You are an image of God and God is love.

Love like you love yourself, speak like you love yourself, move like you love yourself and act like you love yourself.

You deserve love,

even from you,

especially from the real you.



Old you,


You will grow and become this woman who is grateful and thankful for everything. You will smile always, especially at the storm because you know you are fierce and a force to be reckoned with. This is old you, writing a letter to you, young me.

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