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Hello dear,

How have you been doing? How has life been? Have the changes in the world right now caused any significant changes in your own life? I hope life has been kind to you.

I did a tour on the blog today, I left sad. The tour was an exercise to remind me of my why. I left sad because I saw how inconsistent I have been. It’s generally because I have not been as motivated to write as I used to be.

Going back reminded me of one key principle with which I began this, that is sharing my life and being authentic and vulnerable to you. That is why I am writing this letter to you today. More of a life update.

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I feel I am in a space and season that I am reluctant to share and be as open. Partly because it’s draining and mostly because people have made me feel that I am being uncivilized and immature. It’s hard when people you hold dear don’t share in your vision and you have to struggle to either make them understand or to do you regardless. I am a firm believer in you doing or pursuing your personal goals and purpose no matter what but I also acknowledge the confidence that comes with having those who matter love what you do. I guess all “the be a little reserved” talk I have been receiving has gotten to me so much and I am unwilling to give off myself now. After all, those who I am saying need it might not need it.

I am gradually coming back to the space where it’s not about me but it’s for God and his people but it’s taking a lot of heart work and time. Be patient with me if you see the stagnation, you know why now.

I am hoping we will come back to sharing our lives, one day at a time.

I love you. Thank you for your support so far. I will appreciate a feedback. Let me know which of my posts have helped you in your life journey.

Your girl will be back soon, stay woke?.

It’s forever,

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