You are currently viewing A RUNDOWN OF THE DAY’S ACTIVITY- Blogmas day 6.

The joy of seeing family is unmatched, it makes all the trouble, the traffic, and all worth it. My kid bro did not know I was coming. He jumped out of his bed so swiftly and joyous and gave me the warmest hug ever. He called me ”Black Pantheress” (whatever made him think of that) and I thought that was sweet?.

It’s been a long day, we traveled to exercise our inalienable right to vote, an act I take seriously. My pastor preached about Christmas today and the feeling of Christmas made me so excited. He admonished that we make merry and make sure nothing steals our joy and declared for the party to begin. I had just the perfect way to begin the party

Tell me a better way to start, I will wait.

I woke up with a nostalgic feeling but thinking of seeing mum later in the day and made me smile widely (that didn’t happen today but I will be seeing her tomorrow ).

At the bus station, there were queues, so long it could pass as a graphical representation of eternity. The sight of the queues made me feel sad for my feet, but I wasn’t going to let that affect my Christmas mood, nor my excitement of seeing family and friends. There were lots to laugh about, and conversations that made you think about life maybe someday I’ll write about some of them.

I pray for traveling mercies for all those who are yet to travel to go and vote. As we all go to vote tomorrow, let’s do so in an atmosphere of peace. Please vote, return home, and wait for the results. No need to engage in arguments that can disturb the peace, this I humbly plead. If you haven’t watched my video on peace, please do so here.

Have a good night’s rest, see you on blogmas day 7…

Your most patriotic citizen,

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