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Hey fam.
Happy Saturday, hope you all are having a great life so far.
It’s been an amazing beginning of a year for me and I so hope it remains like this or gets better. I might share all the stuff with you but for now just know that God is filling my mouth with laughter and praise.

When I said I will get personal, I meant it and doing that means everyone in my circle most definitely will get on my blog. I am sorry in advance for anyone I will drag down here. The only wrong you did was making me love you?.

My big sister’s name is Blessed S Agyemang. She is an entrepreneur, a supply chain specialist, a keynote speaker and the CEO of Herrada Africa Group (These are the ones I remember, she is so much more).
I bet the ideas in her head can solve half of the problems of humanity if they all get materialised.
I love her to bits and I would not wish for a different big sister, not ever.

I live with my sister now and everyday is just amazing. The fights we have over she pausing or reversing movies just so she doesn’t miss a line and the time we share planning and scheduling, just epic. I love it when we pimp our rooms together or clean together. The part I love most about us is when we have disagreements and give each other silent treatments. The process we go through to get back on talking terms with each other is one I would forever cherish. (Dear future husband, I know you will read this when we marry. You should thank my sister for my skill in resolving issues. I learnt it from her?)
I simply love my sister.

We were not zen and comfy as we seemingly are when I moved in with her initially.
My sister is almost the exact opposite of me. Our interests are very parallel to each other. Her field of work is nothing like mine.
She likes to keep her circle very closed and tight while I love to meet new people everyday and welcome almost everyone (although I have a few legit friends). Business and activist things (futurist, keynote stuff. I can’t even describe it well because I know nothing about them) are the things that tickles her fantasy and I am more into lifesytle and self love mantras, nursing stuff and books. We are just so different.

We struggled a lot when I moved in not only because of our different interest but especially because of our different characters and temperaments and how we interpreted or gave meaning to actions and words.
Believe me, it was a battle.
Let me pause and share one with y’all. (Don’t laugh)

My sister is a clean freak (sometimes she overlooks somethings but on her worse days she will raise your legs and clean your shoe or legs off dirt. You must be real special if you enter her home with your shoes.) .
So on this day, I came home very tired from work and went straight to my bed. She let some minutes pass and she came to my room with a face that scared the hell outta me. I knew there was trouble. “Why did you enter the room with your shoe and why are you on your bed when you have not bath? I am counting up to 5, you should head to the bathroom” she rattled angrily. I leave you all to guess my reaction to that.

The first few weeks were a constant battle for me because being the youngest, I had to give her respect. It was hard not just telling my mind so I walk away after. I know it was not easy for her too since she always had to act matured as break the silence between us.
We struggled for quite a long time until we decided to meet each other halfway. I don’t know how we got to that knowledge but I guess we were both tired of the constant struggle.

I wanted my sister to understand me. I wanted her to know that being melancholic meant I cherished my alone times and so being selfish about my time sometimes was bound to happen. I wanted her to understand that I wasn’t a clean freak like she was and so I didn’t mind sitting or sleeping on the bare floor. I needed her to know that I was just not her, that I was a different person.

What I failed to do was to consider that maybe,just maybe, my sister wanted the same thing too. That she was also a “me” who wanted to be accepted for who she was.

Somewhere along the line we both saw the need to accept ourselves as individuals and accept our difference.
We still fight sometimes but it’s not as we used to and there is a whole lot of love and peace among us now because we embraced our uniqueness.

We meet people everyday who are just too different and it’s so difficult to deal with or understand them.
They are just like you. An other “me” who has his or her own unique way of life. They are just “not you”.

Endeavour to treat people as individuals and accept them. If you can’t accept them just let them go but do not try to change anyone to be like you. It is what makes them who they are.

Next time you meet a new person, no matter you relationship with the person, know that you are meeting an other “me” who has unique preferences and interests but is just “not you”.

I know she will read so I am leaving a note for her.

Thank you. Thank you for accepting me and supporting me. Thank you for pushing me to pursue my crazy fantasies and life. I admire you to the moon and back. I renew my vow of never calling you sister Blessed today as I renew my vow to love you forever. I am eternally grateful to have a big sister like you who always pushes me and make me wanna do more. God bless you.

Ps: I know you wanna keep your life private, I am sorry. If you kill me, my readers will come after you “nti fa steady” (so be steady).

Till we meet again, do take care.
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Love always,


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  1. oseik14

    Interesting, Love in the heart expressed affectionately with words. Please try getting her some pizza also. Great piece, I enjoyed the read.

    1. Afiya

      Hey dear, thanks for reading. Would sure get pizza for us. She is definitely paying please stick around for more.

  2. Monique

    Poor Sis Blessed…see what her junior sister has done to her today. You deserve some canes lol

    But hey, Great piece!

    1. Afiya

      Hehehe. You better get you water by your beard (refer to Akan proverb).
      Thank you for reading sis.

  3. In Yellow and Gray

    ????the PS though. You should see me with my sisters. Although I’m not the last neither am I the first, anytime they don’t understand I end up crying because I just can’t explain myself. And me crying even pisses them off most. Especially my kid sis. She even wants to exchange birth positions with me??(she needs a psychologist ?). I love your post and this is also a lovely way to appreciate your big sis. It’s very lovely.
    ????. I bet you. She’d laugh while reading?. She’d really pretty by the way.

    1. Afiya

      Hehehe… Thanks for reading. You don’t know my sister, I will receive some backlash then she will go into her room to laugh about it. She is the “hard girl, hard girl but” no bi.?. You too stop crying wai, you are auntie big gerr now,hehe.

      I appreciate the love you are shedding my way, please don’t stop.

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