Blogmas challenge. Day 4; A LETTER TO MY FUTURE HUSBAND.

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town…

I am watching out,
no I won’t cry,
I’ll be here
just fantasizing,
waiting for Santa to come to town!.

Merry Christmas guys.
I am so happy I live to see today.
Since I am sharing basically everything with you, let me share this too.
Most times, especially when I am alone, I write letters to my future husband. This is what I wrote to him today.

Dear future husband,

I haven’t figured out the pet name I will give to you yet. But let’s not fret, once I get to know your name, I know we will have no problem. For now, let me call you bae, I will mention it with a twist.

Bae, I miss you. Today of all days, I miss you. I can’t help but imagine what we would do on a Christmas eve. What would we do to create our Christmas memories?

Would we stay up till midnight and open presents and do the countdown to Christmas together? Would we make love on christmas eve and await our saviour’s birth or would we be under the night sky with the stars above us and make plans for the future?

I don’t know what we would do but I know that being with you will be worth it.

Tomorrow is the birthday of the man who holds my heart. The one who will give me to you. I hope wherever you are, you have worked and built your relationship with Him because you ain’t becoming my bae if you don’t know Him. I know when you come you would be everything I prayed and waited for. Not because I trust you but because I trust Him.

This year, my heart lingered. I looked for you in places I knew I wouldn’t find you and I met people there I was ready to settle for because I was tired of the loneliness. I stopped myself from settling because I know you are what God is preparing for me and anyone apart from you would just be a mistake.

It’s hard baby, but I am willing to wait. While I wait, I promise to work on myself so I will present myself to you as a gift and I will be a treasure to uphold.
I know God is preparing you to be the leader you ought to be for me and my children. I trust God that when we meet you will be the best you can be so that together we will be perfectly imperfect.
I love you, from the time mom told me I would one day meet you, I have loved you and I can’t wait to show you just how much.
Merry Christmas my love and be safe.
Till we meet.

With love.


Single souls out there, I pray that you are able to consciously have fun and enjoy Christmas with loved ones while you wait. God bless you and merry Christmas.


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