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Blogmas day 13. Person you met.

Blogmas day 13, aka day 3 from last year’s blogmas, is about a person I met. Last year, I wrote about Nesta and I did not even know it was his birthday that day. I think I found out later. I wish I could write about him all over again but it has to be someone I met this year. Anyways, happy birthday Nesta. I love you and I still want to be a friend like you.

This year came with its own thrills and trials even in regards to friendship. I have undeniably had a lot of amazing people this year yet it has been so hard sustaining any friendship. It has been so hard but I guess maybe, just maybe, they weren’t meant to be friends I would keep for a lifetime.

I can, however point one who I consider a miracle. I least expected to have him and I believe God answers prayers because of this person.

Lord David Agyin. I had seen a couple of posts shared by him in a mutual group and I knew he was a colleague of some friends of mine, so he was not a total stranger, though I did not know him.

Facebook isn’t one of my favorite apps, and having to use messenger separately to message annoys me (forgive me if you have sent me a message on Facebook, I am not seeing or replying anytime soon). Out of boredom I decided to check my messenger app one day and I saw his name in my dm. “This man must be doing what the typical church folks do when they slide into your dm, all the “Jesus is coming soon” things without salutation.“ I thought.

Back story: I had started blogging for a few months and I was struggling with the kind of stuff I was “prompted” or “led” to write about. I always rebelled until I couldn’t anymore and I would just write it. I could not bring myself to read through more than a few times because it was going to stop me from posting. I was bound to make a lot of mistakes too because it was always rushed. I had friends who proofread but because I wasn’t consistent with timing, it made it difficult to get them at some point. I usually only had the courage to go back to my post after posting and some errors I would not see,even if I read a thousand times. I hated the fact that readers corrected my post and I was going to stop writing soon.

I might have prayed in passing but it wasn’t fervent. I can only say God cares, even about the smallest things.

I opened his message and it read “Hi Afiya,
I’ve been reading your blog posts and I must say you’re doing great.
Unwarranted as it may be, if you don’t mind, permit me to offer some hand. I think there are points in your posts where some possible typographical errors kinda interfere the flow of the message. Just thought I should draw your attention. And In case it pleases you to have someone read through your impending posts for editing, you can find me willing. Nonetheless, keep up the good work. Have a great day.

“Shoot me!!!” I did all the dramatic move in my heard.

Fast forward, it’s been an amazing time “working” with him. His patience and humility is one I would want to emulate. I am still waiting for the day he gives up but he keeps on being the best of what he promised to be.

Dear David,
I was thinking hard about persons I had met this year. A lot of names came to mind but I wanted one who had been consistent and you stood tall amongst them all. I am really glad that you are around. Right now, I am in your dm typing this and I am going to press the send button right after I finish typing without worrying about the mistakes I have made in the post. While I still have you, I will not fear. My works will not be filled with typos, *and* even if they are, I can have you to blame. I am grateful for this selfless act of yours and I do not take it for granted ever. God bless you so much for your kind gesture. Thank you for the kind of friendship you offer. You are a man of many virtues and I admire you. I hate that I can’t pick a fight with you though, please stop being so quick to apologize and accept faults ?.

You are loved and Cherished. Thank you.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. I pray for many years of friendship for us.

Who did you meet this year and who has had a significant impact on your life. Let them know you are grateful.



Till next time,



ps: I write everyday, I just encounter challenges posting because of network issues. I am keeping my word?, a post a day.

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