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Blogmas day 16. Sense Of Life.

I am typing this on my way back from work. Today was a very hectic day. I worked at the theater today. No I wasn’t the scrub nurse or the surgeon, it was a major case and I was the circulating nurse. Cleaning up after the procedure took hours and it was all tiring.

I am so tired but I am feeling so fulfilled. The thought of being a needed variable. The feeling of having something to go to. The thought of being part of the team that saved a life makes me feel like a hero.

Is that how everyone who works feel? Is that why we work? I do feel alive when I get a “thank you” from my patient.

I am going home today with this thought: ” If one day, I wake up with no job to go to, will I still feel fulfilled as I am now?

What is your life drive? What gives you your sense of aliveness? Will you survive when it’s no more? What is life and what does it mean to you?

Your girl,


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  1. Nesta Jojöe Erskine

    Fulfillment comes from day to day happenings not necessarily having a work to go. If your work gives you fulfillment, you’re lucky but if one day you wake up and there’s no work, you still will find something else that gives you fulfillment.

    There are so many instances you could be a needed variable; toss a coin to the begger, needed variable in feeding a hungry soul. Say something to sooth a hurting heart, needed variable in healing. Set caged or trapped bird free, needed variable in saving a life.

    So you see, fulfillment comes not only from our job. Basically, I go to work to chase money. I’m fulfilled writing this, knowing it helps the discussion.

    1. Afiyasays

      Hey Everyone, see my beautiful friend I talk about everyday? That wise one? There he is?. Nesta!!!

      You made much sense right there, I think I will start looking out for other things that gives me fulfillment. I know writing and getting Nesta to comment is on the list now?. Thanks for reading.

  2. Marian

    Wo questions yi mu 3du….
    Im thinking about it

    1. Afiyasays

      Hahahaha … I will be waiting patiently for your answer. Thanks for reading love.

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