You are currently viewing Blogmas day 17. Achievements Of The Year.
Blogmas day 17. Achievements Of The Year.

It’s about that time of the year that everyone flaunts their achievements and successes. Businesses will have appraisals and individuals will talk about all the things they did in the year.

Even if you don’t talk about it, you tend to think of what you have been able to do.

I wanted blogmas yesterday to be about my achievements but I just could not point out tangibles. I could not boldly say one thing I had achieved. I did not feel like I had achieved anything. I told a friend and he asked “You achieved nothing?”. “Yes” I replied. “You started nothing, completed nothing, changed nothing, learned nothing, overcame nothing, did nothing good? Nothing?” I replied, “Nothing is readily coming to mind”

I slept thinking about what I could possibly have achieved. His questions are valid questions you can ask yourself too if you are feeling like you did not achieve anything. In attempt to answer, I found that I did a lot of learning, a lot of overcoming and a lot of changing…proudest of them all will be that I was consistent enough with the blog. I stopped in my head countless times but I am here today, blogging.

“I know about psychological twists like that… The kind of somethings you’d like to write about are not showing up, probably try giving a chance to the other somethings which look like nothing. You may see yourself more open. It’s about achievements not awards?” he added this (Now I am saying it to you).

I happened to read Luke for devotion today and I was fascinated to see that Jesus waited 30years before he started his ministry (it’s not the first I have heard it but I got fascinated by it on another level). I can imagine Jesus,having all the power and having to wait. Did he for a minute think of fast tracking things? What fascinated me most was when he quieted the evil spirits because they knew he was the Messiah. He recognized that it wasn’t time yet. He was however taking the steps towards the “grand”.

What am I driving at?

Good things take time.

Maybe this year, the grand did not happen but you learnt a lesson necessary for your win tomorrow. That is an achievement.
Maybe you conceived a plan this year that did not manisfest this year. Count it a win because your brains were at work (provided you were working towards them)

You learnt this year, you took steps towards your dreams this year, you walked out of that abusive relationship, you chose a better life, you grew your relationship with God and with people, congratulations. I am uber proud of you.

They are steps toward even bigger achievements and I am glad you were bold enough to take them.

You are a winner.

Do not let the pressure of what people are saying get to you. The little things, the little wins count too.

What was your achievement this year? Big or small, let me hear it.

What’s up,
It’s Afiya.

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