Blogmas day 21. How Are You Today?

December has been a fairly happy month for me. I have consciously made made my self happy even on days I feel down but today, one way or the other I am not able to shake it off.

I am choosing to allow myself the chance to experience and go through any emotions that I am going through.

Regardless of how I am feeling, today has been a blessed day. I attended a seminar with great keynote speakers that really impacted.

My sister has been invited to a cooperate party. I usually don’t like parties but I would wish to tag along today. I hope I enjoy if I get to go. If I do not go, I plan to have a Netflix and chill night and binge watch Christmas movies.

4 days to Christmas, it’s come so fast, it’s unreal but we are here.
I am sharing in every glad tidings the season and even though my mood today is just not there, I still have joy and peace filling the very core of my heart.

4 days to Christmas, how are you feeling today?

Who else,

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