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Blogmas day 4: Best books of 2019

2019 started with me being the best book lover there is. In January, I read 4 books, in February, I did 7 then I broke up with books. Don’t ask me what happened, I have no idea what did. Since February I haven’t had much of a motivation to read but I do that once in a while when I come across a good book.

Here are 4 of the books (novels) I read this year and for me to remember means they were really good because as I said , I broke up with them (even the idea of it).
I am not entirely good with book reviews though.

1. A girl called Mister by Nikki Grimes

I loved this book because of how simple a read it was. Nicky used simple English to write her book poetically and it was simply a work of art. I love the Christian perspective she wrote from and the story really touched on a sensitive topic in the society. You should find the book and read.

2. 29, single and Nigerian by NSG.

Oh my word! This book cracked me up the whole time. NSG. I love this girl,whoever she is. She is so funny and reading her book felt like living the life with her. I love how detailed the book was and I loved how she did the present and past transitions.

3. Lineage of grace by Francine Rivers.

Lineage of grace was one phenomenal read. This book is the collection of novellas that tell the stories of the five women mentioned in the lineage of Jesus. Tamar,Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary.

“And I pray that as you read the Bible, you will become aware of the continuity, the consistency, and the confirmation of God’s plan for the ages–a plan that includes you.”

-Francine Rivers, A Lineage of Grace

I can confidently say the books did just that for me. I can’t go into it but I will definitely recommend it to you.

4. Stay with me by Ayobami Adebayo

I enjoyed this book a lot too. It was a roller coaster of emotions. Ayobami wrote about child bearing, child loss and marriage and the challenges that threaten to tear them apart. I cried for the most part of it. You would enjoy it too especially because it’s intellectually and emotionally stimulating.

What books did you enjoy reading this year?

Don’t forget to leave a comment.

Happy holidays.

With love,

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  1. Abiola

    Favourite of all time “29 single&Nigeriaian”
    Stay with me by Ayobami Adebayo
    The recent one I read “A Man Worth Knowing” by Nolly books

    1. Afiyasays

      I would love it if I get to read your recent book…… 29, single and Nigerian isn’t a joke mehnnn!

  2. Bosede

    Books are bae…this year I am reading more now towards the end than I did at the beginning. Here are my top 5:

    ♡ How you can become a strong Christian by Dag Heward-Mills

    ♡ Daughter you can make it by Dag Heward-Mills

    ♡ My days at Crown School by Yewande Joseph

    ♡ A Kingdom of Refuge by Kelly Purcell

    ♡ Tales from hell by Layyina N. Yusuf

    1. Afiyasays

      Your list is lovely. Tales from hell really sounds like an interesting read. I will try them…

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