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Blogmas day 7. Most Memorable Christmas

Favorite Christmas.

Christmas had always been a time spent with family. Dad would pray the morning we are all together, declare blessings and sometimes make resolutions for the family. Mom would come up with different recipes and give us the best meals. Thinking about it, I would say I loved all the Christmas’ I spent with them although it was almost the same. Of all the Christmas’ I have had, two has been my most memorable.
The first was in 2011 ( hope my memory serves me right). My sister had an invite to a charismatic church to choreograph at their carols service.

I enjoyed the service so much because it was very different from  any I had seen. There was an invited artiste that rocked the place and added to the beauty of the night. What makes that day and Christmas memorable is that, we closed at 12am and the man who took us there asked that we walk down the street to pick a car. The whole street was empty and there was a full moon and for a moment, it was just me and the moon in the world. I literally fell in love with it that night and our love story has been beautiful ever since. It was the first time I was out at that hour without my parents and I was truly fulfilling for me. I know it’s funny but yeah, my joy knew no bounds that day.

The second would be in 2016 when I spent my Christmas in Takoradi. Takoradi was such a beautiful place and I could not ask for any other place to be that Christmas. The language was beautiful, the people, the festivals they had, their beaches, how quiet the place is. I loved it so much. That was my first Christmas outside home, away from mom and dad.

I hope to travel more and make or have a lot more memorable Christmases but for now these two are my most memorable.

What is your most memorable Christmas?



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  1. Bosede

    Both times your parents were not there. ..a pattern there?.

    Mine? I think they are locked up in my early years but the most recent was 2017 spent in my spiritual parents’ farm with my family, theirs and other people close to my heart and theirs. It was a unique experience.

    1. Afiyasays

      The parents, we love them but sometimes their love for us makes them…. you know. I am their precious child so you can imagine.

      I am running from my parents yet your most memorable were with yours, the irony?

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