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CHRISTMAS EVE. Blogmas day 24

What started like a very bad day turned out great. For some reason I have still not been able to decipher, I woke up in a pretty bad mood. It felt unusual that on a day as this, I would battle with sadness and keeping myself from sinking. I did not get answers but I thought of solutions and I think it worked.

I went to my vision board which wasn’t the wisest decision but it helped because I got  reminded of the things I have done, the little wins.

I cleaned my room in hopes of feeling freshened up. I made a post on my whatsApp talking about hows I was feeling and I got a lot my friends reaching out to me.


This kind gesture of these strangers turned friends meant everything to me. Just getting them to ask what was wrong and giving me the space to vent was a big blessing. I am so thankful for all the people God has sent my way.

11:52pm as I write this. I just finished dancing with my sister  and I am about to edit a seasonal card for you all. Thank you for being here, I love you. Merry christmas!!!!


The girl awaiting christmas,


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