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If I could advise any African writer, I would not let my advice be void of praise and admiration. I would tell them how proud I am of them that they built their craft and have essentially become the voice of Africa to the world. I would remind them of the privilege and the responsibility upon them to represent Africa to the world.

I would tell them to make sure not to paint a one-sided picture of the world. Africa has already been painted rather badly to the world so by all means tell your truth but make sure to also let them know the beauty of your land. The onus is on you.

As a writer, you have the power to influence people in ways that you cannot imagine. Perspective is everything in life, make sure to know when to be subjective and when to be objective. You owe your readers the truth. If you are not learned enough on an issue, do not talk about it or make sure to clarify your position as you add your voice to it. When you learn enough on the subject, come back, and correct yourself.

As a writer or content creator, make sure you verify every piece of information you intend to use, especially if it involves someone. Remember, what you are writing could potentially destroy them, their image, and character.

I would tell them to be authentic and stay true to themselves and their style. You can learn and become better but do not lose yourself in the name of learning. Your style is what makes you unique, stick to it, and better yourself while doing that.

Lastly, I would advise them against stealing people’s work and plagiarism. You know the amount of work that goes into bringing a work of art to life. Of course, you can learn from others but please avoid stealing. If you have to use their work, please make sure you give credit to whom it is due.

Who am I to advise an African writer? I have no clue but If I could advise any writer, this is what I would say.





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