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Dear Mine, a letter to my future – Blogmas day 11

Blogmas day 11! I am uber excited and thrilled about today’s topic. We are writing a letter to our future husbands. The excitement is in anticipation of what Bhurbx has for us today. I love how expressive and descriptive her writing is and I am really eager to read what she will write. Thrilled that I get to write a letter to my bae.

Enjoy and leave a comment.

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Dear future husband,

90 percent of the time, you will find me sitting on the floor with my legs crossed if I am watching something  on a screen or just soaking your delightful face in or they upright together if my laptop is on my laps. Anytime you see me in that position, know that was exactly how I was seated as I wrote you this letter.

Someone asked me if I believed that God had one person meant to be my husband. Why would a loving father, so loving to risk giving us our free will make for me just one person. Would I have to still be with that person if he decides to daff the will of God and mess up his life? Nahh, God knows I deserve better than that. So, no, I don’t believe that there is the “one” for me, I believe though that if God is going to do anything for me, it will be giving me the best among the lot. His love for me will see to it that I do not settle for less. His love will ensure that you are a king well deserving of me. So, dear husband, you are not the one for me, you are the best for me.

Until you come, let’s settle with this pet name, Mine. You are mine. I am not claiming ownership of you, you belong to Christ and Christ alone. I simply want to declare that I have a lover too and you are mine.

Mine, from all the girls getting into relationships to not having  job to keep me occupied, the wait has been awfully difficult and seemingly impossible. Lockdown was almost like an alarm set to ring to remind everyone that they were single. The nights were lonely and the days were long and I desired you. I wished that in those times I had you to fully express all the anxiety and fear that I was feeling. I longed for your warm hugs. I know, actually, I pray that your arms will be a safe haven. I longed for the days that I will rest in your embrace and listen to your heart sing and tell me what your soul wants me to hear. I wished you were here but I appreciated your absence. Thank God I know what life is without you. I met a couple of your sorta-kindas. I loved them dearly and it excites me to know just how much I can and will love you.

Lockdown over, eyes clear, waiting mood activated. I am waiting love. I refuse to let all these years of waiting be in vain. I refuse to accept that my relationship can not be different or can not be one that glorifies God. I declare that our union shall be an epitome of what Godly relationships look like. I am waiting. while I wait, I am learning everything I can for me first, then for us. I am learning to make myself happy and love myself so that I won’t give you that sole responsibility. I am learning how to forgive. I forgive you for all the dates you will forget and the things much grievous than that (don’t smile yet though because we will still fight. We have to decide how we will reconcile. Wink wink.) I am leaning that I am not always right and I pray I am able to allow you teach me.

I am allowing God to heal me. I pray that my insecurities do not make you insecure. I pray that you are able to accommodate my weaknesses. I am learning to love not only in my love language. I am really curious about which of the five will be your primary. Mine is the easiest you know so I am forever going to be in love with you because you are that cute.

I am in a forever “odenshie” mood. It is you or no one else. Me and all those guys, we die here.

I pray that you are a gym enthusiast. If not Oga, please don’t eat at night. A potbelly won’t have a place in  my home. I have not seen you babe, but oh my God, you are cute! I can’t wait to show the world my “Mine”. I can’t wait to know your hobbies, I have a feeling it is going to be a weird one. I look forward to having conversations with you to pick your mind. 

I love you, more than I will ever let you know. I love you more than all the words I will shower you with because that is just a fragment of what I truly feel. I love you because you will love me into submission. I love you because you will honor me. I love you because you love me.

I am counting down to the day we meet. Unfortunately, our love story will not be logged in a diary because I gave up. Now I am certain you will come when I least expect.

This Christmas is for jamming and chilling. I hope we are on the same page. Merry Christmas Mine, enjoy to the fullest.


Your forever babe,



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  1. Pattty

    This piece is touching

    1. Afiyasays

      Thank you ?

  2. Prince

    I absolutely love this piece. I think imma write something like this for my future wife haha. I’m really glad I read this, thanks.

    1. Afiyasays

      Thank you, dear… I hope to read your letter… I am jealous of your future wife?

      1. Andrea

        I love this. I LOVE this!❤️ It’ll definitely be worth the wait ?

        1. Afiyasays

          Thank you!!!!!!!!!! And AMEN!!!!! Thank you for reading…

    2. Joshgreat

      Wow this is beautiful?. Your future husband get oooo. Me kraaa lemme switch to ‘searching’ mood and put on the armor of ‘odenshie’ ??

      1. Afiyasays

        ?????…thank you. Start la and Odenshie mood no de3, it’s necessary.

    3. Nadia Amoateng

      Really beautiful. Your wait is beautiful. I need to write one too and get in this mood koraa na girls abr3.

      1. Afiyasays

        ???. Girls abr3 indeed… Thanks for reading sis

  3. Elom Fiawoo

    I enjoy your writing !! Your future husband is incredibly blessed ! God bless you beautiful for sharing

    1. Afiyasays

      Elom!!!!! I have missed you on here?. Thanks for reading love and amen!!!!!

  4. Charity

    Beautiful and touching…..thanks

    1. Afiyasays

      Thank you for reading, Charity ?.

  5. bhurbx degley

    ????????I’m laughing so hard my chest hurts
    Lockdown over, eyes clear, waiting mood activated.??herhh
    You are in what? forever “odenshie” mood
    this is so fun to read. Invite me to your wedding, you need to read this there. I can imagine you reading this with some sass.
    this is beautiful. So so so so beautiful.
    Boss Mine, please do fast but also take your time.

    1. Afiyasays

      Eyes clear oo Maame, now de3 odenshie movement nkoaa.???????? I hope I remember this, it will be a fun thing to do at my wedding. Of course you are gonna be there. Shout for Boss Mine to hear, he is at the back ??. I am enjoying myself girl, thanks for letting us do this.

      1. bhurbx degley

        i will reminf you paa???
        it’s all pleasure & fun doing this

        1. Afiyasays

          Real fun!

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