Day 9 and it’s already beginning to feel like forever. I am grateful that I am here at this moment at this time enjoying the new air that is blowing in Ghana. Ghana finally has a president elect and I am so glad that the tension that that was mounting as we awaited the declaration of results has been eased. We (and by we, I mean myself and Bhurbx. I hope you have been reading her post. She is such an amazing writer.) decided to write about our happiest or fondest moments of the year. The year did not come with many although I had random beams of light shown my way.

A month before my birthday, I decided that the year had been gloomy much and that I needed to get myself happy one way or the other. I have forgotten the exact things I did but those 30 days were the best of the year. Of course there were bad days and good days but I consciously pursued happiness.

Looking back, I feel so proud that I gave myself the power and permission to be happy. My birthday was an amazing one and it is going to be one I will remember for a long time.

Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. - Helen Keller

Oh, another thing was me making a wishlist for my birthday. I decided not to do that this year but I was like, what do I stand to lose? The worse that could happen would have been me not receiving any of the things I things that I wanted. It felt like a dream when even before my birthday people were sending in gifts, ones that were on my list and those that were not. From the bottom of my heart , I say thank you so much. You probably do not know what your gifts meant to me. Thank you Cecil for doing so much during my birthday. I appreciate the time time and efforts and thoughtfulness.

I am looking forward to an even better and joyous December because I have purposed in my heart to have the most amazing christmas ever and I do believe it is going to be so.

let’s gist, tell me about your happiest moment or fondest memory of the year.

Yours in happy living,


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  1. hector joseph

    Uhmm.. My happiest moment of the year, was when my elder brother got married. That’s like two weeks ago. It was more fun when he selected me as the best man. I was full of joy and had to wait for like 6months for it to happen. It was my first time and i did great. Being the best man on that day, also opened my eyes about how mine will be like on the day of my wedding. It got even more intense at the reception when i had to force myself to dance. It thought me that, i have to learn to dance before my wedding is due. Anyways, 2020 has been an awful year but my brother’s wedding, has been my fondest memory of the year. ??

    1. Afiyasays

      I am reading this with a huge smile on my face as I try to imagine you forcing to dance. Glad you got to have this experience. Make wild and learn charley cos the dancing de3 ego happen. Thanks for reading

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