You are currently viewing Happy New Month. Welcome March, goodbye February.
Happy New Month. Welcome March, goodbye February.

“Dare to be different this month. Dare to stand out. Dare to be the one with a voice. Dare to shine! A happy new month!”

61 days done and dusted, 305 days more to go! The journey continues and we still hope and pray we make it the best we can.
Happy new month loves, I hope you had a beautiful February.

My February was my ”love project month”   (Read,The Love Project ❤️) and I can say it was an epic fail and an epic win all at the same time.

Epic fail because I could not go to the gym as much as I scheduled for. I run night duties at work so that made it difficult to hit the gym. Resolved to exercising on my own but I was not satisfied with the outcome. I was able to read just one book for the month of February and I slacked in my self-care routine.

Epic win because amidst the distractions I am terming failure, I still had the mindset of loving my self and caring for my self. I was able to gain perspective on a lot of things. I started journaling, I wrote a lot (not published) and read a lot of articles to help with my writing. Although I was not consistent with the gym, it still showed in some areas of my body and I am happy I saw results for the little work I was able to do. A lot of beautiful and amazing things happened in February that I am grateful for so in all, it was a beautiful month.

Tell me about your February and how your love project went.

March is here. Can we have another challenge? I am gonna try and make this one better and more interactive than the previous one. I will  gist you about it in another post.

I can’t wait to do this month with you. Again, I am anticipating the most beautiful month ever. Remember it’s not too late to begin. Start right where you are, revisit the goals and get to work.

I wish you all the happiness the universe has to offer.

Once again, happy new month.

Your girl,


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