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Today we have an interview session with one beautiful writer, poet and an author who just released her maiden book.

Depression is known to be very prevalent in creatives and we will get to know why.
She chooses to remain anonymous hence we will refer to her as A.S. and I will be A.A (Afiya Agyemang).

Always seek the light even in the darkest atmospheres… that’s how we become victorious.

Torron-Lee Dewar

A.A: Good day sis and thank you for accepting this interview.
How do you explain depression from your point of view?

A.S: It’s a psychological breakdown of an individual. A period in which you’ve arrived at your lowest point and can’t possibly make positive progress

A.A: That is intense. How did you identify what you were feeling as depression?

A.S: I have had those moments all my life. I had never really thought it was depression until there was a talk on mental issues at my church and every single symptom that was mentioned was equal to how I always felt. I know I have to be diagnosed but the idea of taking drugs etc was a no-no for me hence I decided against seeking medical help. I decided to read on the subject instead and find my own ways of dealing with it

A.A: Drugs is a no no.hehe.
What happens (ed) during those phases? (Isolation, suicidal thoughts, etc). How was yours like?

A.S: I always isolate myself in those times. I used to have suicidal thoughts a lot but now it’s subsided. I’d cry and cry and cry and shut everyone else out.

A.A: What factors sent you into a depressive state and what was an alleviating factor for you?

A.S: Memories of the past usually puts me a depressive state. Fear of the unknown, challenges and fatigue. The specific cause of depression is past experience (abuse and molestation)

A.A: Sorry you had to go through all that. Please tell us, how did you overcome it?

A.S: Overcoming it is a daily journey for me. It used to be very difficult because I constantly had pictures flashing through my head…But I went through counseling and spiritual directions.
Professional counseling has been suggested but I’m not sure about it

A.A: Thank God you are dealing with it. Professional counseling is great if you get a counselor that works for you.
What do you wish for people to know about depression?

A.S: Depression is not reserved for a particular group of people or a particular period of your life. Anyone can be depressed at any time. It’s just the degree that differs

What advice would you give to people who have or are suffering from depression?

A.S: I would entreat them to talk about it, write about it, draw about it, color about it, have a stroll about it. Just don’t keep mute. Don’t bury it. Express it any way you can.

A.A: Express it any way you can. You could not have said it any better. Thank you so much for your sharing with us. I pray the peace of the Lord locates you every day and may his sound mind be your portion. I love your poetry dear, keep on being the amazing you.

And it’s a wrap guys. Hope you enjoyed this. As she rightly said, do not bury it, find someone to share your struggles with and talk about it. We all need somebody to lean on at some point in our lives, don’t be ashamed about it.

Till next time,

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  1. Lord

    Great lessons shared and learnt. Thanks and God bless you Nana for this initiative.

    1. Afiya

      Amen. God bless you for your support you Nana, it means a lot.

  2. iAmDan

    Amazing interview. Brief yet comprehensive enough.
    Another enlightening read! Thanks Afiya ?

    1. Afiya

      Thank you for the feedback… You are welcome and thank you for reading

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