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HOME AGAIN. Home at last.

My alarm just went off, it is time to post on the blog. Mehn, has this place gathered dust already? I hope not.


Let me get you up to speed with what is happening in my life. I am currently unemployed, eerrmm nothing scary (will probably talk about it soon). I mention it because it has afforded me time to visit my old folks back home, I mean where mom and dad live. Home is where your heart is right, so geographics aside, going back to my old folks is home because they definitely have my heart.

It’s been five days since I returned and it’s been full of bliss. I can’t believe we are all growing. My kid sister is just an inch away from catching up with me in height and I am ten years older than she is. I really can’t believe it. My kid brother gives me the warmest of hugs (that includes pats on the back not forgetting he is wayyyyyyy taller) and he “looks down” to say “baby girl, what’s up”. Baby girl?, me, I just can’t believe it.

Seeing all of them together made my heart sweeten. It felt like my heart developed taste buds as honey was dripping on it.

Then the part I am loving the most. It’s been four days and my parents and I have not fought. Normally, day three is the caps for no fights, after day three, we are cat and dogging about the time I woke up and why I have not eaten yet and my nails I have fixed or why I have lost so much weight, etc.
Day four and my dad is still paying me compliments (by compliments I mean, he going like, “Afia taller”.  That’s his favorite way of complimenting me. Don’t think too much about it you won’t understand) and still beaming with a smile. My dad apologized today for giving us pressure because our delay was making him late, (mind-blowing !) I seriously don’t understand what is going on.

Mom has shocked me the most. Would you believe it if I told you I stopped training for 3weeks just to gain weight to avoid a fight and she forcing banku (a Ghanaian dish) down my throat? Not that I had any hope of actually appearing big before her, I was just hoping she would at least stop at attributing my weight loss to stress, if she adds starvation then that means I am looking like a needle to her.
I eagerly anticipated my mom’s assessment. It didn’t happen until last night and guess what? For the first time in forever mom said “Eeii Afia, looks like you are becoming big oo. You are looking nice paa. It’s left with your collar bone area though”. I could not believe my ears. I am glad she is happy although my heart skips a beat whenever I think of the belly fat I have accumulated.

The highlight of all of this is their subtle hints about marriage. Mom will go like “now all that is left is your marriage “ or “ this is how I am dressing for your wedding”. Dad is more like “yeah, the garden is looking very nice. We could have your engagement there”. I never thought there would come a time that marriage will be the number one priority for my parents. Wasn’t it just yesterday dad had the “talk” with me about men? Oh, how time flies and how time changes.

I literally can’t recognize my parents, in a good way though. I love the new them. All understanding and proud and fun. I did not know just how much I missed home until I did come back.

So yeah, there is your update. Your girl is currently living her best life even as an unemployed young girl enjoying her parents and family and having a thankful heart. Grateful for life and family, oh, and good food. Mom is the best chef alive.

A little advice though, make sure to enjoy your family and create memories. That’s all you are going to have when they are long gone and when it gets lonely.

How does going home look like for you? Do leave a comment.


Your girl,


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  1. Barbarah Degley

    Your home is warm?❤?

    1. Afiyasays

      I know right. I bless God for it each day

  2. Blaise

    Wow! I just fell in love with your blog.
    Reading this was exciting ??

    1. Afiyasays

      Thank you, dearie?. Thanks for coming around.

  3. Bright Asaah

    “The garden is looking very nice” ??
    Good read
    Home is the best.

    1. Afiyasays

      Very nice???. Thank for reading dear. It sure is?

  4. Emkay

    Interesting.. Parents have this way of making you feel at home when you return after a long while. The fights dieer, they’ll come and they’ll be good fights too ??❤️❤️

    1. Afiyasays

      Hahaha. It’s so emotional for me. The fights de3 I am eating against them, hehe. Thanks for reading dear.

  5. Nadia

    Afiyaaaa, your mom and my mom must be sisters???. Amazing read too

    1. Afiyasays

      It must be an African mom thing then, lol.

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