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Not all that glitters is gold.

Feliz Nuevo mes mis amigos (please I tried? and I hope I am not too late).

Guys, I couldn’t post last week because I was so occupied. Forgive person (in a Nigerian accent ?).

Anyway, how has your week been so far, one of my best friends came to visit so my week has been really fun (you will get to know them all)

So today I’m sharing a random thought.

“All that glitters is not gold”.

A friend of mine, Abena has a friend she speaks highly of. Anytime she spoke or wrote about him, It sent me on my knees praying for such a friend in my life.

He was certainly everything I needed in a friend. Smart, intelligent, caring, supportive, trustworthy, and every other adjective you could use to describe a great person (according to Abena. He is handsome, that is obvious. hehe)

I don’t know if it was by fate or I planned it myself but I found myself becoming a friend to this “angel” Abena spoke about.
I was so happy and someway fulfilled that I had made a friend in her friend. Finally, I was gonna get the same things Abena was enjoying.

Days passed and weeks became months and I waited patiently to experience what Abena was experiencing. As we got closer as friends, I got restless and apprehensive. Anytime I had an encounter with him I was left drained. Time spent with him was almost like a time of misery.

Yes, he was smart but he was intimidating. He had a sense of humor, only that it did not make sense like humor for me and I mostly got offended and he came across as rude. I tried so hard to understand why he wasn’t like Abena said he was. Was he overrated by Abena? Did Abena deceive me?

It was not him, it was not me, it was us. Maybe we weren’t
meant to be friends, Maybe he wasn’t my gold.

I failed to see my gold (the friends I already had) and left it rusty and went for something that resembled gold. Yes, it glittered but it was not gold. At least not for me.


Most times we go after things and especially people (or a certain type of people) because they appear like gold. We are tempted to leave the things we have and run after the gold we see.

I am tempted to believe we do not get gold in the people we are connected to now because we are not willing to do the hard work that comes with building and maintaining any human relationship. I can also safely conclude that impatience does not allow us to fully grasp the beauty of relationship or friendship and it’s growth process and wish for already “ripped” and “booming” ones.

Maybe it glitters, it may be gold even but just not your gold hence it will never be gold to you.
Be ready to get your hands dirty and dig out your gold. Get intentional with your relationships and build it.

Till you find your gold, may you never relent!

I have great stuff coming up for y’ all. You know the drill, anticipate.
I love you more each day.

Your cupcake(lol),

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    1. Afiyasays

      Glad you are?

    1. Afiya

      Thanks for reading sis

  1. Steeb

    Great piece dear…I had a good read lol

    1. Afiya

      Thanks sis. God bless you for reading and please don’t stop.

  2. Monique

    That’s what you get when you look pass me for someone else ???
    As always, great piece but seek permission next time before you look for another friend…lol

    1. Afiya

      I won’t dare koraa. I am stuck with you for life. My ultimate Gold,hehe. Thanks for reading dearie, really appreciated.

  3. Noble

    Thumbs up

    1. Afiya

      Done. Thanks for reading dear

  4. Nana Akosua

    Very educative piece♥

    1. Afiya

      Glory. Thanks for reading. Appreciated.

    1. Afiya

      Thanks for reading dear.

  5. Phelyks Kwabena Agyemang

    I hope I’m not this friend Afiya? Have I told you I’m gold? Hehehehehe.
    That’s a great one there! Kudos…

    1. Afiya

      Hehe. Certainly not. And by the way, I found gold in you. You glitter because you are gold. My gold!. Thanks for reading dear. Appreciated

        1. Afiya

          Jealousy go keer person?

  6. Chris

    And that’s a great one too.
    Love you teww

    1. Afiya

      Thanks for reading dear. Appreciated.

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