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Kimberley and Sharon have been close friends since childhood and have lived together in Texas for their whole lives.
Kimberley had an amazing job offer and the most amazing thing about the job since she started has been her boss – Veronica.

Kimberley and Veronica became very good friends. Veronica was down to earth despite being older, and she didn’t ever hesitate to share her wisdom. You could rely on her every day. She had been Kim’s role model long before she started working with her.

Veronica seemed to have a solution to every problem and she tackled them effortlessly and tactfully.

Kimberley couldn’t stop talking about Veronica to Sharon.

Life became all chill and fun, thanks to Veronica.

Unexpectedly, Kim got into trouble and felt like the whole world was against her. She talked to Sharon about it and Sharon was quick to suggest that she speaks to Veronica about the situation.

Kim burst out in a loud wail, “Sharon, when I say everything is against me, that includes Veronica. I don’t know exactly what I have done to her but she doesn’t talk to me anymore. I have called her a number of times and I have spoken to her before that but she is not saying anything. I feel she is tired of me and has given up on me too.

Shocked, Sharon asked, ” the same Veronica you spoke about?”

“I wish it wasn’t”. Kimberly was sobbing now.

Meanwhile, in Houston…

Veronica thought aloud to herself, “Why would Kim just not listen? How do I get her to listen? I have so much to tell her about what she is dealing with. It’s too little to have her completely ruffled the way she is. If only she would listen. She doesn’t pick my calls and when we get the opportunity to talk, she just rattles about her issues and cuts the line after she did. She doesn’t give me the opportunity to say what I have to say. What do I do?”

End of story.

Senseless? Hehe, hold on, that was supposed to be a scenario.

How many times have we behaved like Kimberley and treated God like Veronica? How many times have you prayed and not meditated enough to get an answer? How many times have you gone to God in prayer to yap about what you are going through but failed to listen?

Learn to not just be a talker but a listener – even in our human relationships as well as our relationship God.
God is speaking, every microsecond. He is giving you an answer to a prayer you prayed. Be still and listen. Sometimes you will hear silence and that is an answer too.

Just listen.


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  1. tillyduah

    always loved it writeup:Afiya says.
    Good inspiration

    1. Chris

      You always deliver.

      God bless you God’sLove

      1. Afiya

        God bless you too dear. Thanks for reading.

    2. Afiya

      Thanks for reading love.

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