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LOVE ON CHRISTMAS… Blogmas day 22


Prepared this journal prompt for bible study today and I decided to share with you all so you could also try your hands on. Reflections are great for growth. Let me know if you do try them.

We are reflecting on how love has been present in over lives this year and how best we can activate it.
We three subsets to work with today:

  1. Love messages from God.
  2. Love messages from yourself.
  3. Love messages to others.

Love messages from God:
Psalm 136:2
How has God actively shown you love this year? Give practical instances

Love messages from yourself
1 Corinthians 13:5-8
Using the love descriptions ( eg: KIND) as a guide, evaluate how you loved yourself this year and which area you will need to improve. Use all from verse 4-8. Give practical instances.

Love messages for others
1 John 4:8
We do not know God if we cannot show love. Write a love letter to any of the girls and share with them and love on them.

Thank you for today.


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