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Of all the things I consider as things that make me different, falling in love with my friends is one that I had a battle with. I have accepted it now and I am dealing with this fate especially because people are not exactly nice or appreciative of friendship anymore.
I do not know how others approach friendship but I wish I could spend a day outside of myself and inside someone and actually see how the person approaches friendship because I always get the awkward look when I speak about my friends.

For me, I fall in love with anyone before I am able to claim the person as my friend. Of course, there are people that we call friends for formality’s sake or for lack of better tags but my true friends are people I care about and have their interest at heart. People I want to do good to. How do you know you are my friend? I talk about you every chance I get because I love you and would want the world to know you and know how wonderful you are and the things you do that makes me love you. When I make friends, my happy moments become when I speak about them and how faithful or loving they are and I strive to do them good always and seek what is best for them.

That is love right? When you don’t want to stop talking about that person you love and they occupy your thoughts. That is it right?
I think you know that feeling, so yes, I fall in love with my friends.

It was awkward until I chanced on a few instances in the holy book when God behaved just like me who has fallen in love. How did I forget I was created in his own image and that being like him means living life like him.

He fell in love too, with David and with Job. It’s so funny how he willingly and consciously brought Job into the conversation with Satan. “Have you considered my servant Job?”. Of all the people alive, it was Job he spoke about, evident that he filled his thoughts. “He is blameless and upright before me”. You could feel the joy and pride with which God spoke when he spoke about Job. (Job 1:8).

If God would talk about someone he loves even to the devil, why would you doubt that God will speak about your situation? If you or I, mere mortals speak about those we love and seek good for them, do you think God will do any less? Do you doubt his love?
He loves you and he is speaking to people about you. He is speaking to the man that will bring you financial breakthrough, he is speaking to the man that ought to come marry you. He is speaking about you to the person who is supposed to be your helper.

God is never silent because his love for us will never allow him to keep mute about us. All things work together for those who love the Lord, because he loves them too.
When it gets confusing and unbearable, let this be your hope, that God loves you.


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  1. ?inYellow&Gray?

    From the comments above, it’s obvious you already know you are an awesome writer but I’ll repeat it. YOUR ARE AN AWESOME WRITER. The part of reading minds, lol I wish to as well. And thank you for making me see friendship in a different perspective. Bless you heart.

    1. Afiya

      Wooawu. Afiya,let in sink in, the whole Bhurbx says you are an awesome writer?. Accolade surly received. We all want to read minds sha… God bless you for reading and supporting.

  2. Kokroko Philemon

    Wow nice write ups and a high sense of nobility. you do all ,keep it up Ella

    1. Afiya

      Thank you so much Phil. I appreciate your words.

  3. Andrew Kattenstroth

    It’s always interesting to see what goes on in people’s head .. that’s one beauty of nature … the fact that we have diverse thoughts lingering in every bodies mind

    1. Afiya

      Yeah. I wish everyday that I could read minds,hehe.

  4. Albert

    You are such a brilliant writer. Your message is always so pristine and beautifully woven together. Terrific work!

    1. Afiya

      Alby, words are heartwarningly beautiful. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the support.

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