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Me, my pleasures and God.

That evening we had returned from midweek service and set the party we had planned in motion. We prayed, sang and played music. The normal Afiya would have asked for a change of song when a secular music started playing but I was in the mood. I stepped aside, prayed for forgiveness for what I was about to do and stepped onto the dance floor. I challenged some of the girls to waist dancing and I danced my heart out. I felt all levels of guilt after I did that. Worse off was when the birthday girl refused to dance until the song was changed to a gospel track.

Guilty pleasures.

We all have them, as little or insignificant as they may be, we still have them. Guilty pleasure(idiomatic) – Something that brings pleasure but is considered taboo, unadvisable or lowbrow. In our case as Christians, something that does not please the Lord.

For the longest time, I have questioned what is  right or wrong in our walk with Christ and sometimes even the word of God leaves me confused. I love to dance, most of you know that. What you don’t know is my favourite dance, the kind that gives me pleasure is waist dancing. As a Christian however, I feel very guilty whenever I dance this kind of dance,especially outside the confines of the church. Dancing is supposed to be normal right?

A friend confided in me about something he wished he could stop but just could not bring himself to stop although he knew it was bad. I was trying to talk him out of it and he made a statement that got me very offended at the instance but as it sunk in gave me a lot of insight. He said, ” If you have grace to keep yourself, thank God and pray for me”. I initially felt he was  insinuating that I was being self righteous but thinking about it he was indeed right. Four years ago, it would have ended in a big fight but now thinking about the fact that I also have sexual desires I wish I could satisfy, it only made sense that it was grace.

Guilty pleasures, this is what I have to say about it. I believe, now, that we do not have “normal” in Christ. I have come to conclude that God deals with each of us differently and that what is wrong or right for you is dependent on your purpose the Lord has predestined for you. I believe if you are a child of God with the holy spirit indwelling in you, he convicts you about what is right or wrong. If you stop being stubborn and listen you will hear him speak to you. I don’t think it was a taboo for anyone to shave the hair in the era of Sampson. It was not wrong but it was not right for him.

When my friend said I was fortunate to have grace, I understood that grace is not only in forgiveness of sins but also equipping or strengthening you to exercise self control (Titus 2:11-14). Here is the catch, he gives grace to exercise self control but you have to do your part.

Joseph had to purpose in his heart that he won’t sin against God. Beyond that, he did not trust so much in his self, he fled. That is wisdom. That was a concious decision to choose God.

In this our era that almost everything has become normal for a Christian to do and everything has become permissible,  I want to encourage you to choose God.

God over emotions, over desires, over everything. It’s a conscious decision to appropriate grace and walk in it seeking to please God always.

I have made a decision to choose God. I could satisfy my pleasures but I choose to please God first. I want to encourage you to do same too. It will be hard but grace abounds and it’s ever sufficient.


Guilty pleasures,  do  you have them too? How are you dealing with them. Leave a comment in the comment section and let’s talk.

Till next time,


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  1. site

    Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t
    loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

  2. Georgina Osawe

    I love a good blog post, I’m a Christian who love God but i enjoy writing erotics, dancing , drinking and many other things people say is not praising God. I’m very contented with the life i live and i refuse to feel guilty. As far as I’m not hurting my neighbor and intentionally disrespecting my father (God), I’m good. A song doesn’t have to literally praise God for it to be Gospel or okay. Take what you want from that “worldly song” and dance your heart out ❤️

    1. Afiya

      Hey Gina?, glad you are here! Thank you for reading. I love that you are enjoying your life and don’t care what people say. I am with you on that, I don’t care too. I want to please God now, that is what matters most, I hope that is the space you are in too…

  3. jokeofheweek

    We have a duty to stay in purity. God is light in whom there is no darkness. The one in Christ must flee from sin. He provides a way out of every temptation. And I believe that one of the ways which proves to be effective is….
    It’s not a cure, but a preventive measure.
    My dictionary puts it this way,
    To flee is to run from a place, a person, danger, etc.

    The problem is that we welcome and entertain temptations, thinking we’ll survive.
    But “You can’t hold fire in your bosom and not get burnt.”

    “F L E E”

  4. Enoch Boateng

    I asked a question on my WhatsApp status yesterday and it reads “when will the church come up with a particular dance for the secular world to copy” it feels good dancing to shaku and the azontos but I feel guilty dancing them since these dance moves are “worldly” inspired

    1. Afiya

      Hehehe… I don’t feel guilty for that though lol. I think the motive is what matters. At least that is what I tell myself. If you feel guilty about it, better check in with God. Maybe it’s not something for you to do.?.
      Appreciate your taking time to read, God bless you. Please come back regularly.

    1. Afiya

      Mama I have made it????????. Thank you sis, this means a lot.

  5. Albert

    Beautiful. God bless you for sharing dear; I’m blessed.

    1. Afiya

      Amen!!! Thank you for reading. Glad you are blessed.

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