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Afiya kings  and queens, Merry Christmas to you all. You guys are the real deal.

I tried to be as consistent as possible with Blogmas but I got really tight the last couple of days that I could not serve you with posts but hey, we still made it to the 25th day and I get to wish you a very happy Christmas and wish you a prosperous new year.


You have been amazing and your support has been massive and I can only bless God for you. You all inspired me to do better and continue to be the best I could be. I love you and I promise to do better in the years to come.

How is your Christmas going though?. All my plans got cast in the water and it became a sleep day for me. I just woke up and I am happy I got to rest my body and soul.


Merry Christmas once again, enjoy the season and don’t forget the reason.


with love,


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