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New Month ,New battles, Greater Wins.

1st November 2019.

Happy new month y’all. So soon we have just 60days more to the new year. Grateful to God for his guidance and protection.

A quick life check before the year really ends.

2019 has been one of the precious years in my life. For the first time in many years, I feel alive and present and I can truly look back to my days and it will be as crystal clear as the day I lived it.
It has not been void of battles and disappointment but it has been worth the fight.

Came across this quote and my journey made a lot of sense and I became at peace with the season I am in:

“Sometimes a battle is fought more than once in order to win it”

I Mentioned in an earlier post that I had to move from home and live my life on my own. It has been so hard and so draining. I have cried my eyes to sleep countless times and the most challenging has been keeping the smile on my face.

There have been instances I have recognized signs of depression and I was beating myself for slipping until the quote resonated:“Sometimes, a battle is fought more than once in order to win it”

At this point, I can only be proud that I have not stopped fighting for a day or a moment.

Fighting but winning


A friend asked me how I am emotionally and in attempt to be as precise as I can be, this was how I could describe myself “seemingly nonchalant and craving isolation”.

As at today 1st November, I feel tired and I need rest. Rest for my head and for my heart. For a brief moment, I want to pretend I am out of the world and just sleep without any thought. Just for a moment.

I am grateful to God for orchestrating my life beautifully this year. For a sisterhood like heart to heart community, for a church family that loves and supports me, for friends that encourage me, for my sisters, for all my wins, for seeing through the hard times, for not letting me get broken. I am grateful.

I am excited about the new month because it is yet another opportunity to be a blessing and to be blessed, to fight more battles and to win. To love and to be loved.


Happy new month everyone. See you at the end of it so we give thanks and praise together.

I pray you do not give up no matter how your battle feels like. I will be here cheering you on.

How has your year been so far and how are you today? Please leave a comment in the comment session below. I would be glad to know.

love you always,


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