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Before you beat me about using an unfamiliar term (I know you know, I am referring to the man on your left.).

Pet peeve simply means something that a particular person finds especially annoying.


Off the top of my head I cannot think of the many I know I have but I am going to mention the few I remember. In no particular order;

  • Teeth with plaque and tartar. I know keeping plaque out of your teeth can be a bit of a hard work but it is possible. If not completely removed, you can take measures to keep it on on the minimal. I feel it’s wrong for me to have such a peeve but I do.


  • Stained toilet bowls. You can not position your butt right on the toilet seat? Okay, how about the toilet brush, do you know its use? Now, why paa do you leave the toilet bowl stained? Eww, I know, that is me every time I see a stained toilet bowl.


  • Men who objectify me. I am all for compliments but when your “compliment” objectifies me as a person , it spells wrong on all angles for me.


  • Liars or people who cant keep their promise. I get it, we are human and some point we can fail or things might not work out how we planned but when you make it a point to never do hat you say, which kind of species are you? I hold words very dear to my heart so I hate it when people make light of it and I cant trust them anymore.


  • People who look down on people. I still cant get why people do this but in most cases they are not exactly better and that is what annoys me the most. Can you just focus on your life and not make someone a yardstick to being better?

I recalled five. Do you have any pet peeve? Let me know.


PS; I know no excuse is valid but I an giving it anyway. I am going to have a besties wedding and I wont be with my laptop plus I will be super busy so I wont do blogmas until I am back. Sorry to take some days off.


Your babe,



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  1. bhurbx degley

    lol, I have too many to even start talking about.
    i can relate to all your peeves though.

    1. Afiyasays

      ?????… let us know some so that we avoid the ones we can

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