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INTRODUCING AFIYA|| Pre-Depression, Depression and Post depression.

Hi! My name is Afiya and I am have been mentally ill. Yes, you read right. Why did your face drop? Unbelievable? No, I am not joking. It’s true, I have been mentally ill. I am a convalescent. I could say I am healed (which I believe I am) but there are some conscious efforts I still have to put in place to ensure the totality of my healing, so yes! I am still in the process.

Would you have been this shocked or disgusted (or whatever you are feeling now) if I had told you I am sick with malaria? Can you believe such a fine girl like this is claiming to be mentally ill, Like mad?
No, saying I am ill mentally doesn’t mean I am mad, far from it. It only means at some point in my life, I had struggles with my mental health that caused me to lose my optimum health with regards to my mental health. Got it? Oh, you know so little about it. It’s not your fault, the stigma in society wouldn’t allow us to talk about these things lest we get educated about it.

How are you? Genuinely, how are you? Send me a mail or direct message(social media platforms) or comment and let me know how you are, I really want to know.

I am happy and scared all at the same time. Happy that I am finally able to do what I have been wanting to do for a really long time now. I am happy that I am brave enough to type these words today. Scared however that I might compromise whatever level of health I have fought to attain by putting myself out here. I am scared, but I am doing it anyway and that adds to my happiness so let’s say I am happier than scared.

If I had my way, I would enjoy my freedom from mental illness and not talk about it and live life as though it never happened (it’s not like you would know if I don’t say, I am a pretty good actress). But the saving grace of the Lord that snatched me from the darkness will not allow me to keep quiet about it. I was sick and now I am healed. Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I figured being hesitant about opening up about it is the reason mental health issues are still faced with stigmatization. If talking about it makes one more person open up, I guess my mandate will be a worthy course.

I do not seek to throw a pity party, far from it! I wish to propagate understanding of mental health, break stereotypes and take the abnormality out of something that affects us all. I am not expecting the same reaction from everyone. I do not care about those who will rubbish this (it’s not your fault, you are so strong you can’t be affected and we bless God for such a gift for you.) I write this for those who wish to learn and those who need it.

Optimum mental health is attainable. Freedom from mental illness is possible. It is treatable, it is manageable and it can be healed.
Above everything, I wish to present to you my encounter with God. I had my struggle with mental health and I did a year of counseling but ultimately, God healed me. It’s not impossible for God to heal low self-esteem and the related challenges, I am a living testimony of his faithfulness.

Remember my first post where I wrote about being, broken, defeated and about dealing with issues society frowns at? (If you missed. Click here )

I am finally delving into the issues starting with a series of depression, one I can admit I have battled a lot with. I wanted to find the right time to write about it but I guess the right time is now. It was the reason I started Afiyasays. I hope by grace that I am able to deal with it as God pleases.

Stay with me and enjoy the series.

Next time on Afiyasays, we will have a knowing me segment where I tell you about myself.

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  1. ?inYellow&Gray?

    Thanks for telling the story of half of the young adults population. Most of us just need a leader for our unspoken pain and issues, and you’ve done just that. Thanks for being that for us. ????

    1. Afiya

      Aaaaawww this is great…. thanks Bhurbx, your words are encouraging. I love the way you support me…

    1. Afiya

      You are welcome dear. Thanks for reading.

  2. Fafali

    ❤️Thank you for sharing!
    You are not alone?

    1. Afiya

      That is comforting. Thanks for reading sis.

  3. PaaBour

    I felt touched dear.I got it just when I needed it most.Stay blessed dear.

    1. Afiya

      Glad I could help… Thanks for reading.

  4. Dbarnz

    Thank God for the liberation. Its not easy breaking away from such problems in life and I pray God would and is using you as vessel to bring hope to the world at large.
    Good move…

    1. Afiya

      Amen to your prayer. Thank you so much for your support dad, it means the world.

  5. Aaron Abankwah

    Optimum mental health is definitely attainable in the right environment. Great job done?

    1. Afiya

      In the right environment, I like that… Thank you. Thanks for reading, really appreciate it.

  6. Celestina Agyemang Brobbey

    Felt touched and thank you for been brave to let it all out…. We all hve our illness which we never speak in e open because of stigmatization…. Thank you ? Afiya

    1. Afiya

      Thanks for reading love. I pray that someway somehow, we all get the confidence and boldness to open up….

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