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Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you again to yet another (boring or exciting? Decide and let me know in the comment section) episode of blogmas. How have you enjoyed blogmas so far and which has been your favorite?

I know these are a lot of questions but I was thinking about it (you get a lot of time to think when they take your power supply out) and I needed to know.

Anyway, blogmas today is about some things,10, that I can not live without. I personally have not allowed myself to build an attachment to things and I think nothing on earth really matters at the end of it all. That said, it was quite hard to come up with 10 whole stuff…. I got a list finally…

On the count of 1,2,3 (Please count before you move on) In ascending , I mean descending, I mean from the least to the highest in ranking. I could have checked the dictionary but I chose not to, moving on!!!!!!!!!!!


Technically this should not be on this list but as I stated earlier, I don’t have an attachment to many stuff so I think friends will be a cool alternative. I love my friends and although not a particular person, I feel like at any point in time I will need a friend in my life.


I don’t eat it everyday but the fact that it exist excites me so much and I don’t know if I can love another food as much. (Kfc chicken is not part of the any other I am talking about.)


Just like tuo zaafi, I dont go to the beach everyday but I so love that it exist.


Siri is becoming preferable when I have questions but google still tops it all. I can’t tell you the number of questions I have typed in google search. It has been a great companion, in school and even after. I can say I need google with my chest.


My journals have held some of my most darkest thoughts and it has been very therapeutic pouring out into it. I don’t want to imagine what I would have done instead if I did not have it.


And that is on cap! on period! Chicken!!!! KFC CHICKEN, ha!, I don’t have words. Sadly I know very well that it is not healthy but for kfc chicken alone, I can say ALL-DIE-BE-DIE!!!!


Singing: How do I live without? I want to know. How do breath without you? If you ever go? How do I ever, ever survive!!!!! (hold for 10  mins). All I have to say about this, thanks.


The first thing Monica buys when I visit her is drinking water because she knows if sh doesn’t we will die of thirst and by that I mean 20 minutes after I finish the last of the ones she had. I finish at least 10 500ml bottles daily (I can survive with less but I would much rather drink as much).


I do everything with my phone. I am not sure there is even a question or doubt about this one. I love it because I feel I can do so much with so little. I mean, blog, vlog, edit, and all that stuff. Mahn! you can’t blame me.


If I am being completely honest, my phone came to mind first before God did but if you know me you know God has been the realest gee in my life and I can not do without him.


Could you come up with a list if I asked you to? Tell me, what can’t you live without?

Your sleepy girl,


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