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The Self -Care Project.

About self-care.

I asked in a write up yesterday if this lockdown our president has declared is a blessing or a curse and a fellow said, it is what ever you make of it. The lockdown has presented us with opportunities and has also thrown a challenge to us.

I am making conscious efforts to practice self-care but it has not been an easy journey for me.

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It’s not only physical for me but it is spiritual and mental as well.

What is self-care supposed to mean?

Self-care is any activity that is done intentionally with the aim of taking care of our physical, mental, and emotional health. We tend to overlook the importance of this practice and end up overwhelmed by things and emotions that increases anxiety and other psychological issues.

Self-care basically is refueling yourself as opposed to it taking away from you. (paraphrased quote) .

”See, when God said love your neighbor as yourself, he knew that we needed to have before we could give.
He knew our cup needed to be full before it could overflow.
When God created you, he looked at you and said, THIS IS GOOD. This, including your body, your face and everything about you.” Afiya Agyemang.

Taking care of yourself enables you to take care of others and helps you to live a balanced life.

There was a post that was going around that if you don’t come out of this lockdown with a new skill or business plan then you didn’t lack time but rather discipline. You have not dealt with a pandemic before. If all you do is survive this season, that is ok. If all you do is take care of yourself in this season. That is ok too.

In subsequent post I will be taking you through the various self care practices and also bringing gist from the camps of people that are already involved in those self-care acts.

Do take care of yourself dear, we will survive this.







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