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Blogmas Day 3- Three Things I Love About Myself.


What is an advent?, I asked. “It’s the period leading up to Christmas!” It’s part of the Christian calendar though it’s not really paid attention to. People observe it in different ways – some people read a part of Jesus’ birth story (especially from Luke) every day until Christmas (there are also devotionals for that). Some people use a calendar or light candles”. That sounded like fun. Then I chanced on a self-love advent, that is, a challenge of self love everyday until Christmas. For day 3, the challenge is to write what you love about yourself.

I love that they called it a challenge because it actually is a challenge. I can easily pull words for someone but I struggle when it comes to myself. The plenty talking I am doing right now should tell you how hard it is. Anyway, let’s get into it. A few years ago, I could not have said anything but I am glad and thankful that I am in a position to say something now.


3 things I love about myself.

1. I love my natural hair,my height, my color and my body.

Over the years, I have had to grow to love these things I dreaded so much about myself, and as at today, I won’t trade them for anything. I love how they all come together to make me this beautiful unique African queen.


2. I love my ability to love.

God is love and he made us in his likeness. My ability to love even in this wicked and ungrateful world makes me feel more like him and makes me glad that I am representing him well on this planet earth.


3. I love that I am talented and gifted.

I can write, sing, dance, braid hair, fix shoes, design stuff, and do a whole lot of other things that won’t readily come to mind, plus the ones I have not discovered yet. I used to question why God would gift just one person with so many abilities but I am glad he did. I can’t wait to explore and put to use all that is in me.

I love me and you can’t blame me because I was fearfully and wonderfully made. He looked at me when he was done creating me and said, “it is good”. Who am I not to fall in love?? .

What are the three things you love about yourself? Care to share?

Happy holidays .
With love,

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  1. Vanessa D

    Nice , sis. Love yourself for God loves you more?

    I personally love 1.My discipline with matters surrounding me. 2. My dimples for it is a extra touch from God ? and body for i am me and made originally 3. My ambitions to do a lot for people and the Kingdom of God.

    Yeah and it will never change ??

    1. Afiyasays

      I love your dimples more and oh your love for God… I pray he keeps you grounded forever.

    2. Afiyasays

      I wish you the best of the season. Date on me love, tell me when and we will have the time of our lives.

  2. Bosede

    Lol Afiya! We are the same! I love all those things about me but I do wish I can love the way I used to but with more wisdom.

    I love that I am petite, growing my natural hair and I wouldn’t trade my African identity with anything. I also love that I am talented (writing, needlework, singing, dancing? In my dreams) and most importantly, God has brought me a long way and used my experiences to shape me into who He wants me to be. I am not perfect and still a work in progress. Everything is beautiful at God’s time.

    1. Afiyasays

      Everything is beautiful in God’s time. No other words truer than that. May wisdom be your portion.

  3. Mawuko Kojo

    I love you so much sweetie. I wish you the best of everything in this life. I pray for many blessings as we approach the festive season.

    1. Afiyasays

      I love you too Citizen. Thank you for being the kind person you are.

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