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I have not been able to write a lot this year so I felt bad even considering blogmas. It felt like my blog had become an annual posting site where I just do blogmas and go into hiding. After a lot of back and forths, I decided I will participate in blogmas because if not for anything, it’s 2020. If any year is worth talking about, it’s 2020.
On that note, welcome to my blogmas for the year 2020.
I am exceedingly grateful for December. I am excited and almost can’t believe I survived all the eleven months before this.

In case you don’t know what blogmas is, it’s basically posting Christmas themed stuff (or not) everyday beginning from the first to the twenty Fifth of December.

For Day one of blogmas, I am just receiving the month of glad tidings and welcoming you into December. I am declaring that it is going to be the best month of 2020, let me hear an amen!

What is the last-minute miracle you are expecting before the end of the year? Speak into existence!

Happy new month.

Yours in merry making (hahaha, yes I said this),

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